Words of Encouragement for Someone in Rehab

Motivation is important in long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The longer a person stays in aftercare programs and sticks to their recovery plan, the less likely they are to relapse. Each day in recovery can present challenges, which is why offering words of encouragement for someone in rehab or to someone who has completed treatment […]

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What to bring to rehab? A Checklist

The thought of heading to rehab can be overwhelming. But taking this step and committing to Discovery Point Retreat is the best decision for you.  As you learn more about treatment, you will have to start considering what you’re going to pack and bring with you. Don’t stress over packing for rehab. This is a checklist created […]

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Is Your Loved One Showing Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is a disease of the body and mind. Approximately 100,000 people die every year as a result of drinking and driving, suicides, homicides, falls, fires, and other accidents and crimes related to alcohol consumption.  The signs of alcohol addiction are not always recognizable. Some warning signs may be more difficult to identify, especially in those […]

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