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More than 20.2 million adults over the age of 18 in the US suffer from an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Substance use and abuse in America has become a serious public health epidemic, with deaths associated with drug and alcohol use in and around the Irving area on the rise. In one year alone there were 852 deaths due to drug overdoses in Dallas County, where Irving is located.

Discovery Point Retreat provides a full continuum of care for people who want to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. Our professional team provides an array of therapies that can change the course of your life for the better. We provide you with access to evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders, including a variety of holistic, supplemental programs.

If you’ve made the important decision to enter rehab, please keep an open mind, as many of us have preconceived notions of what the recovery process will be like. It’s not possible to know ahead of time what your personal reactions during treatment will be, as every person is unique and different. We do, however, know about the dedication of our staff in giving you the resources you’ll need to achieve sobriety and get that second chance at a sober future.

The following sections outline what you can expect from our drug and alcohol recovery center near Irving, TX. You’ll find many of the answers to important questions concerning detox and the ways that insurance may pay for your recovery treatment. If you have additional questions after reading this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team at 855-306-8054 to have your specific questions answered.


It’s only when you’ve recognized that you need help with substance abuse that you’ll be able to successfully complete a rehab program. Understanding that having an addiction to drugs or alcohol has affected many aspects of your daily life, and realizing that you can’t quit using substances by yourself, are crucial reasons for getting the help you’ll need.

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself why you should enter a recovery program rather than finding another way to get sober. Well, a rehab program like Discovery Point Retreat gives you the opportunity to break the addiction cycle that has made your life so disruptive to you and those who care about you. At Discovery Point Retreat you’ll be away from the people, locations, and substances that enable or trigger your addiction disease. While at our center near Irving, you’ll be able to construct a healthier way of living that’s geared towards continued sobriety.

During the rehab process you’ll learn more about your inner self and what may have led to your dependence on substances. You’ll be able to explore with our professionals how certain people or events may have led you to use drugs or alcohol in the first place.

Call us at 855-306-8054 to get more information concerning our holistic approach to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction at Discovery Point Retreat. Our clinical team wants to get to know you well so we can best determine how to help you succeed in recovering from addiction. Our client-centered care takes the whole person into account rather than just examining the physical symptoms that go along with addiction. Addiction has a negative effect on the ways you think, feel, and thrive as a person.

We understand the difficulties you face with addiction. Our comprehensive behavioral healthcare team is on hand to walk you through the recovery process. Your individualized treatment plan is drawn up with your specific needs and goals in mind to heal you in body, mind, and soul.

When you know you’re ready to reach out for help, please view our web site for more information about our addiction treatment programs. Be sure to take a virtual tour of our inpatient rehab center.

We know the team at Discovery Point Retreat will provide you with the tools you need to recover from substance use disorder. Our compassionate family of staff members helps you pinpoint why you began to use substances in the first place, a very important piece of the puzzle.

You’ll also discover methods for handling triggers that can lead to relapse due to our clinical interventions. Our tips for managing cravings after detox and recovery are also crucial to your lasting sobriety. At our residential center near Irving, you’ll be removed from the undue influences that some friends who continue to engage in substance use can have on you. At one of our attractive, ranch-style homes, you’ll be among friends, and the temptations to use substances will be gone.

If you need to take part in our medical detoxification program, it’s comforting to know that our medical team will be constantly monitoring your status. We will provide you with the necessary medications that will relieve any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms during detox.


Addiction is a disease, and being addicted to alcohol is just as serious as having a dependency on drugs. Suffering from alcohol addiction can often ramp up and become more deadly than can certain types of drug addiction. One reason for the dangers associated with alcohol use disorder is that liquor is a legal substance that’s readily available and sold in shops, unlike illegal substances.

Signs that you are suffering from an alcohol addiction include the need for a drink before you can interact socially or on the job with other people. Think about your performance on the job or at school. Are tasks becoming more difficult due to your drinking?

Another sign of alcohol addiction is drinking before noon. Heavy alcohol use is known as binge drinking, which translates to having 4-5 drinks over the course of about two hours. If you’re drinking a lot and it’s taking you longer to feel the effects of alcohol, you may have developed a tolerance to this substance. Other signs associated with alcoholism exist, but if you think you may have an issue with drinking, you may want to seriously consider seeking help. Call us at Discover Point Retreat today at 855-306-8054 to speak with us confidentially.

An average of 261 people in the US die every day due to alcohol poisoning. In the state of Texas, 25% of adults age 18-44 drink excessively, which can lead to death.

When you enter our treatment center near Irving, you may need to undergo alcohol detox. This involves cleansing your body of all traces of alcohol. Clinically supervised detox may sound frightening, whether you’ve been abusing alcohol for a lengthy period of time or whether your struggle with alcohol is a fairly new event.

There are some preconceived notions about alcohol rehab centers. Some people envision entering a dreary lockdown unit in a hospital. At Discovery Point Retreat, we don’t think this is the optimal atmosphere to help you move from addiction to healthy sobriety. This is why our facility near Irving, TX is a residential home, and not a sterile hospital room. Our residence is clean, bright and picturesque, with open spaces and spacious, comfortable rooms where you’ll relax while you work on your recovery goals.

Some of our team members at Discovery Point Retreat have personally experienced substance use disorders. We get it. We understand how hard it is to come to terms with the knowledge that you’re suffering from alcohol use disorder. For many people, the idea of possibly having to go through detox is the scariest part of recovery. Know that the team at Discovery Point Retreat is here for you to provide support throughout each step of your journey.


When you’re ready to take the steps that lead to sobriety, a support system that includes friends, family, and medical professionals is vital to your success. We provide the professional support you need right here at Discovery Point Retreat, as well as the encouragement you’ll receive from the new friends you’ll make along the way.

Our drug and alcohol rehab center is near Irving, so you wouldn’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get treatment in a town that’s far from home. At Discovery Point Retreat, you have the opportunity to meet people who will be going through the recovery process right along with you. This is a great chance to make new contacts with people who understand what you’ve accomplished in rehab. Hopefully, you’ll continue to nurture these new friendships once your time recovery is complete.

If you choose to enter our outpatient program, it’s good to know that Discovery Point Retreat is close enough to Irving that you’ll be able to commute back and forth for treatment. If you opt for our residential program, your loved ones may be able to visit while you’re in recovery.

Our rehab center near Irving, TX provides you with clinically supervised detox to help with the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms as you move towards beginning your treatment plan.

Your addiction treatment services at Discovery Point Retreat include evidence-based therapies, such as various types of cognitive behavioral therapy, recreation therapy, and a 12-step program. We’ll ensure that you learn the coping mechanisms, life skills, and stress management techniques that you will need  when you regain your independence from substances.


The price tag for rehab near Irving is likely an important concern, which is completely understandable. The cost for your individualized treatment plan and possibly detox services will depend on which treatment program you choose. At Discovery Point Retreat, we offer medical detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs.

The Discovery Point Retreat residential program entails living full time at one of our residences near Irving. Here, you will enjoy all of the comforts of home. The cost for residential care includes cognitive behavioral therapy sessions, recreation therapies, dialectical behavior therapy, group therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR). One of the key advantages of joining a residential program with us is the absence of triggers, distractions, and the temptations to use drugs or alcohol. Residential treatment is very effective at Discovery Point Retreat. Call us at 855-306-8054 to find out more about our residential addiction treatment program.

We also offer a partial hospitalization program (PHP) near Irving providing you with highly focused treatment while you remain living at home. This integrated treatment program helps those who suffer with a dual diagnosis for co-occurring mental health disorders. Our PHP at Discovery Point Retreat provides you with the full support of our evidenced-based therapies while we work with you on an outpatient basis.

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) near Irving is an excellent next step in your recovery journey after completing residential rehab at Discovery Point Retreat. This clinical intervention helps you maintain your sobriety as you lead your healthy new independent life. An IOP is there for you when you are most vulnerable to relapse, with temptations and triggers seemingly everywhere. Everything you’ve learned during residential rehab will help you greatly once you leave our facility near Irving, TX. But sometimes, you’ll still need the support we can provide with a phone call to your therapist or a peer counseling session.

While the cost of any recovery program is a real concern, it’s crucial to remember that this is your life that’s on the line. Getting the professional help you need for addiction is vital to your recovery and your health. Entering a recovery program near Irving, TX is a financial investment in your future. Whatever the cost, know that the money spent on your recovery is going directly towards your well being and isn’t being wasted on purchasing more substances.

Call our team at Discovery Point Retreat at 855-306-8054 to set up a free telephone conference with your insurance company. We’ll determine whether the types of care, including detox services, are covered under your policy.

Our addiction treatment program near Irving, TX accepts a variety of insurance company health care plans for payment. If you call your insurance company yourself, be sure to ask some important questions.


Our clinicians at Discovery Point Retreat want to be sure that your body is cleansed of toxins before you begin treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. This is why the first step for many people in their recovery is detoxification.

Our clinically supervised detox team closely monitors your physical and psychological condition as you undergo withdrawal. When you first arrive at Discovery Point Retreat, our professionals will evaluate your status, stabilize your condition, and prepare you for rehab treatment. During your evaluation, our team will also assess your mental state and determine potential triggers that are unique to you, so a treatment plan can be devised when you’ve completed detox.

It’s vitally important that you are honest with us about any recent drug or alcohol use, because detox is often necessary to break the physical bonds of addiction. We’re here to help, so you have nothing to be ashamed of while in our care. Tell us the kinds of substances you’ve been using, how long you’ve been using them, and anything else we should know about your condition.

When detox is complete, our team will design an initial treatment plan to target your specific needs. It’s vital that you enter an addiction treatment program following withdrawal. At Discovery Point Retreat, it’s simple to make the transition from detox to the program that’s best for you.

Everyone experiences withdrawal symptoms a little bit differently when you quit using substances. In your particular case, you may have a mild reaction as withdrawal progresses, but on the other hand, may feel more severe side effects.  Withdrawal symptoms vary widely, depending on the substances you’ve stopped using and the length of time you’d been using them. You may experience headaches, fever, vomiting, cravings, tremors, and/or anxiety, for instance.

Detox can sound frightening if you don’t know how you’ll be feeling. Knowing which symptoms you might experience may help you better cope with withdrawal. At our detox center near Irving, TX, our professional clinicians will provide medications to ease uncomfortable symptoms. Once your body is cleansed of toxins, we will develop your individualized treatment plan, and you can begin a treatment program.


The team at Discovery Point Retreat wants to really get to know you and the ways in which we can with a full continuum of care. We want to understand how and when you began using substances so we can give you the help and care you’ll need for a successful recovery.

Please be ready to speak to us concerning when you had your last drink and whether you experienced withdrawal symptoms soon after. Withdrawal can be different for everyone. Some withdrawal effects can appear a couple of hours after having your last drink. Some of these symptoms can last for days at a time. The severity of your withdrawal symptoms can depend on the length of time you’ve been drinking and how serious your dependency on alcohol has become.

When alcohol withdrawal symptoms are severe, our clinically supervised detox team at Discovery Point Retreat will provide you with medications to ease your discomfort, pain, and anxiety you’re experiencing. Withdrawing from alcohol can become dangerous, which is why you should never attempt to detox from alcohol at home on your own.

Detoxing from alcohol use can become psychologically draining. You may feel a variety of emotions cropping up, such as depression and anxiety. The physical symptoms of withdrawal have the  potential to become dangerous to your health. Some withdrawal symptoms can include vomiting and excessive sweating. When a person who suffers from a severe alcohol addiction undergoes detox, hallucinations, shaking, seizures, and breathing difficulties may occur. This is why Discovery Point Retreat offers medically assisted detox services with close monitoring of your symptoms.

When the detox period is complete, our team will evaluate your physical and mental condition once more. They will then consult with you to devise a client-centered care plan for treatment. You might continue to experience post-acute withdrawal symptoms even after detox is finished. This is normal, but the periods of moodiness, insomnia, and fatigue can be difficult to bear. You’ll soon realize that our compassionate team near Irving, TX will never let you down. We are here to encourage you as you move past this difficult phase that will eventually pass.


The length of time you’ll need to complete comprehensive behavioral healthcare at Discovery Point Retreat will depend on the types of substances you’ve been using. One type of drug may take longer to recover from than another. It will also depend on how severe your condition has become and how long you’ve been suffering from addiction.

It’s useful to have an idea of how long your clinically supervised detox period will take. Everyone responds to detox differently, but on average, it takes a week or less to withdraw from substances. Again, this depends on how long you’ve been using drugs or alcohol and how severe your condition is. When detox is finished and your body is cleansed, you can choose the treatment program you’d like from our full continuum of care choices. Each of our treatment service types near Irving will be highly beneficial to your successful recovery.

At Discovery Point Retreat, our residential treatment program places you in a peaceful, home-like atmosphere with indoor and outdoor amenities. Our warm, caring staff members will get to know you well. Be assured that our mission is to help you feel comfortably at home as we place you on the road to recovery.

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction is neither simple nor quick. Please take our advice to heart when we recommend what your length of stay should be in our residential behavioral healthcare setting. Your case manager and therapists will become closely acquainted with you and your needs. Our professionals will recognize when you’re ready to leave our center near Irving to continue a life of sobriety. We make sure that you understand the reasons behind your former relationship with substances, and that you are knowledgeable in dealing with the triggers and cravings you’ll be up against when you regain your independence.

Our intensive outpatient treatment near Irving lets you continue your sober lifestyle in your own home, among family, friends, and co-workers, while being able to take advantage of our support and resources as needed. Our committed team members are here for you as an outpatient. You’ll be able to take part in meetings, therapy, and can call us when you feel that you may relapse or are having difficulty with cravings.


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We’re here for you at Discovery Point Retreat if you’re ready call us at any time. When you telephone us at 855-306-8054, someone will be able to answer all of your questions concerning rehab near Irving, TX. If you prefer, you can submit a contact form straight from our web site at and we will get in touch with you.


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