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Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs Near Dallas, TX

If you or a loved one is looking for medical detox in Dallas that’s safe, trusted, and effective, Discovery Point Retreat is the premier detox center in Texas. With experienced professionals and a focus on medical supervision, we provide a safe and comfortable environment to transition from active substance abuse to early recovery.

Your safety and comfort is our top priority. Our clinical staff will monitor you 24/7 to make sure your detox is progressing smoothly, lessening the effects of withdrawal while helping you physically and mentally prepare for the next stages of your rehabilitation.

Discovery Point Retreat is in-network with many insurance providers, which makes detox more affordable. Not sure whether your insurance covers medical detox? We can help you quickly and confidentially verify your benefitsContact us at 855-306-8054 to start your recovery journey!

Nurse Practitioner Michaella Hinds explains the detox process at Discovery Point Retreat.

Why is Medical Detox Important?

Using drugs or alcohol for months or even years takes a toll on your body and brain. Your system becomes dependent on the substances for normal operation. Your brain changes its chemical processes to work with the drugs and alcohol, rather than against them. 

When you enter a drug detox or alcohol detox program to rid your body of those substances, your system reacts negatively. Depending on your level of addiction, withdrawal symptoms can range from mild or moderate (headaches, fever and chills, shaking, anxiety) to severe (delirium tremens, seizures, heart attacks). That’s why it’s essential to undergo the detoxification process under the care of qualified medical professionals like the ones at Discovery Point Retreat.

Is Alcohol and Drug Detox Safe?

Because of the difficult and sometimes dangerous effects of withdrawal, you should never try to detox on your own. Although home drug detox may seem like the easier and faster way to detox from drugs and alcohol, it is risky and isn’t guaranteed to work. You can rely on Discovery Point Retreat to provide a safe and comfortable transition from active substance abuse to early recovery.

At our detox in Dallas, Texas, you receive the medications, nutrients and supervision you need for a successful detox. Our clinical professionals ease the effects of withdrawal while helping you physically and mentally prepare for the next steps of your rehabilitation.

How Does the Detox Program Work?

Medical detox begins with an evaluation to determine the severity of your addiction and to assess your physical and mental health. We recognize that each individual faces unique challenges, and we work with you to uncover your potential triggers and recommend a treatment plan that is right for you.

During drug detox and/or alcohol detox, our trained, onsite medical professionals closely monitor heart rate patterns, blood pressure and stress levels 24/7. We carefully stabilize your health and wellness through medications, nutrition and other methods of support. We help you get through withdrawal and prepare for the next phase of your treatment.

What Type of Facilities and Amenities Are Provided?

Set on a ranch in Texas surrounded by nature, Discovery Point Retreat provides a peaceful and homelike environment that promotes healing and recovery. Our low client-to-staff ratio allows us to deliver personalized care and dedicated attention to each individual. We believe in building sustainable and genuine relationships with our clients, laying a strong foundation for lifelong recovery. Our facilities are equipped with first-class amenities including an onsite chef, gym, and pool and our programs include a wide range of therapies.

Will I Need Addiction Treatment After Detox?

Detox breaks the physical bonds of addiction, but the psychological bonds still must be addressed. The underlying issues that lead to problematic substance abuse need to be treated professionally. By transitioning directly into residential treatment or another level of care, you’ll receive the appropriate mental and emotional therapy, significantly increasing the likelihood of achieving long-term recovery — and reducing the risk of relapse along the way. Our rehabilitation options include:

Throughout our treatment programs, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a variety of innovative addiction therapies, including:

Detox is vital to your recovery, but it’s not the only stop on your journey. Seeking further treatment after detox will help you continue your recovery and maintain your sobriety.

How to Get Started with Detox

Starting detox at Discovery Point Retreat is simple. Our admissions counselors are available 24/7 to guide you through the initial steps of recovery. If you’re unsure whether your insurance covers medical detox and other treatment services, we can help you quickly and confidentially verify your benefits.

We’re committed to helping you achieve lasting sobriety. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t wait any longer to get help. Contact us today.

If you or a loved one are ready to detox and begin your journey to a healthy, happier life in recovery, call 855-306-8054 today.


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