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Addiction Recovery Stories from our Alumni

People can and do recover from addiction. At Discovery Point Retreat, we measure our success by the numerous individuals we’ve helped get sober and live happy and healthy lives. Hear personal stories from alumni who have overcome obstacles to achieve success with their recovery efforts, offering inspiration and hope to others seeking help.

Alan’s Addiction Recovery Story

As a musician, demanding shows led Alan to use substances like cocaine and meth. His wife convinced him to seek help at Discovery Point Retreat. There he discovered renewed vitality, clarity of thought, and a revived excitement for his dreams.

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Bryce’s Addiction Recovery Story

Bryce’s message is one of hope and encouragement to others who may be struggling with addiction. His story exemplifies the transformative power of self-discovery and the potential for a brighter future ahead.

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Christopher’s Addiction Recovery Story

“I think the first time I got shaken up was my first overdose. I was feeling a reaction that scared me. I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was going to die. I didn’t know what an overdose was until later down the road when I had to go to the hospital. I described to a […]

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Holly’s Addiction Recovery Story

Holly grew up in a loving, supportive household, but things took a turn while she was in a tumultuous relationship with the father of her child who introduced her to cocaine and other drugs.

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Jaime’s Addiction Recovery Story

Jaime’s story of addiction and recovery begins as many others do. She began experimenting with substance use as a teenager smoking marijuana with friends. The trouble began after she experienced a miscarriage at a young age, sending her into a period of deep depression. She turned to alcohol and marijuana to help her cope and […]

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Joy’s Addiction Recovery Story

After overcoming her addiction to Xanax and cocaine as a teen, a toxic marriage caused Joy to relapse. She sought treatment and now feels more like herself than she has in decades, offering encouragement to others who may be in her shoes.

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Kamesha’s Addiction Recovery Story

Kamesha’s life took an unexpected turn when she tragically lost her father. Gripped by a profound sadness, overwhelming anger, and a deep sense of confusion, she found solace in a seemingly harmless refuge – alcohol. What initially began as occasional social drinking gradually morphed into a compulsive habit, a crutch she leaned on to navigate […]

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Kate’s Addiction Recovery Story

Kate’s struggle with addiction began early in her life, taking control of her thoughts and actions when she was only eleven years old. It was important to her that her friends liked her, and she wanted to feel like she fit in. Unfortunately, at the time, her friends were finding new ways to keep busy […]

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Marcus’ Addiction Recovery Story

Marcus had been grappling with addiction since high school, a journey paved with depression and anxiety until he found healing at Discovery Point Retreat.

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