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Substance Abuse Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Struggling with substance abuse can be devastating — for you, and for the people you love. Our caring and supportive staff understand the challenges that you face and are ready to help you discover a new way of life free from substance abuse. Our ranch-like addiction treatment center near Dallas provides a healing getaway where you can enjoy learning how to live a drug and alcohol-free life. Contact us at 855-306-8054 to start your recovery journey!

Discovery Point Retreat is in-network with many insurance providers, which makes treatment more affordable. Not sure about your coverage? We can help you quickly and confidentially verify your benefits.

Meet Cory Newman, who oversees operations across all locations. He understands the process on a personal level and is dedicated to helping others find healing and renewed purpose through sobriety.

How Common is Substance Abuse in Texas?

According to a 2019 study by the University of Texas Addiction Research Institute:

What Are the Signs of Substance Abuse?

It’s not always easy to recognize the warning signs of addiction and substance abuse. If someone you love is exhibiting noticeable changes to their behavior as well as physical symptoms, addiction may be the cause. Here are a few indicators that may suggest the person you care about is struggling with substance abuse and needs treatment.

Physical symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse include:

Psychological indicators of substance abuse:

Changes in behavior that can signal substance abuse:

How to Help Someone Struggling With Substance Abuse

If you’ve observed changes in physical appearance or behavior that suggest substance abuse, you may be uncertain about the best way to proceed. That’s understandable. After all, you may not want to cause conflict or risk pushing your loved one further away. But it’s worth having a conversation — and sharing your support. At Discovery Point Retreat, we can help you with intervention support, so you have the tools needed for a more productive discussion. Remember, your overall goal is to get your loved one to agree to substance abuse treatment so he or she can begin to heal and recover.

What Can You Expect from Substance Abuse Treatment at Discovery Point Retreat?

First of all, you can expect our full commitment to your recovery. Many of the staff here have experienced addiction firsthand, and we understand the challenges that come with it. Our compassionate team will begin with an intake assessment and get to know you (or your loved one) a little better, including your medical history, addiction history and any known mental health disorders. Then, we’ll work together to develop an individualized recovery plan just for you. 

In many cases, treatment will begin with medically assisted alcohol or drug detox to help rid your body of addictive substances. Don’t worry — we’ll manage your withdrawal symptoms throughout the process, so you’re always safe and comfortable during this important phase.

Then, depending on the recommendations outlined in your recovery plan, you may move into residential inpatient treatment, where you’ll have the opportunity to live on-site and experience total immersion in healing therapies. Or, you may be ready for our partial hospitalization program or intensive outpatient program — which involves participating in rehab a certain number of hours per week but returning home at the end of the day. 

Along the way, you’ll have so many opportunities to explore and enjoy your newfound sobriety. In addition to traditional substance abuse treatment, you can experience holistic options like equine therapy, recreational therapy, wellness and more.

Texas drug rehab
Drug Rehab

At Discovery Point Retreat, we understand the complexity of addiction. And we’re dedicated to helping every person we encounter through this journey of healing and recovery. The core of our accredited drug rehab program is our behavioral therapy treatment modalities, including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and more.

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Alcohol Rehab

A comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment is best for long-term success in alcohol recovery. Our alcohol rehab is about treating more than just the harmful behavior or withdrawal symptoms; it addresses all of the aspects of your life, so you can build a solid foundation for long-term sobriety.

Dual diagnosis addiction treatment in Texas
Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions

Substance use is often a way of self-medicating to reduce symptoms of underlying mental health conditions. For co-occurring mental disorders, we provide dual diagnosis treatment, which treats substance abuse and mental health disorders simultaneously.

What Kinds of Substance Abuse Do We Treat?

Discovery Point Retreat addiction treatment center near Dallas, TX is equipped to address a broad range of substance abuse types, including:

No matter what your particular substance abuse involves, we have the clinical experience to provide the treatment you need — so you can move forward in recovery.

Getting Help for Substance Abuse

Substance abuse treatment works. And we’re here to make it work well for you! Just start by giving us a call. We’ll ask a few questions to get us started and check your insurance coverage up front, so there are no surprises along the way. We’re also here to answer any questions you may have about detox, addiction treatment, therapy, housing — or anything else! We know substance abuse treatment is a big step, and we’ll support you from start to finish. Call today at 855-306-8054!

Addiction Treatment


When you successfully complete 60 consecutive days at a Discovery Point Retreat facility, you give yourself the best chance at lasting sobriety. We are dedicated to helping make your recovery goals a reality. In the event that you experience a relapse, you can return for an additional 60 consecutive days of treatment at no cost to help you get back on track.

*Terms and conditions may apply, and result may vary.

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