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Art therapy And Addiction

You may be skeptical when you first hear that your addiction problem can be treated through art therapy. However, at Discovery Point we have found that this unique approach to therapy can be very effective when used with other therapeutic techniques. Once you understand the mechanism, it becomes clear how the therapy works.

If you have trouble beating an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the simplest reason is because the addiction serves a purpose in your life. It fills an emotional need and triggers your brain’s reward system. Research shows that art therapy, however, can produce the same mental effect as your addiction once did.

With this therapy, you may experience the same euphoria and sense of connection through art that you felt when you used drugs and alcohol. The enjoyment of art can give you an alternative to substance abuse and become an important coping mechanism in your toolbox to meet your emotional needs as you continue on your recovery journey.

This holistic approach recognizes that substance abuse fulfills a need and that you must replace it with something that meets that need in a way that is not destructive. You may be among the many people who find that art, music and other relaxing activities trigger the same biochemical mechanisms that your addiction once did. When the addiction is gone, art therapy can be a great way to fill the void.

Art therapy as part of a comprehensive recovery plan

For some people, art therapy can work as a single treatment. For others, it can be an essential element among an arsenal of therapeutic techniques. Many find that cognitive behavioral therapy and art therapy are a perfect pair. This combination helps you understand your triggers and gives you an alternative that is enjoyable and relaxing.

At our Dallas area rehab centers, Discovery Point offers a full range of addiction therapy programs and treatment modalities, and art therapy can be incorporated into any recovery plan. Everyone is different, and finding the right approach for you is the key to success.  

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