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Our Mission and Approach to Addiction Treatment

Discovery Point Retreat is dedicated to providing the best possible addiction treatment and recovery support for all clients at every stage of treatment and beyond. Our Mission, Vision, and Values are the foundation of everything we do, and they encompass the way in which we treat those seeking help, their loved ones, and our own team.


To provide accessible, reliable, and effective behavioral health treatment options nationwide for any moment, in anyone’s recovery journey.


To transform the lives of thousands of individuals and their loved ones each year, by helping them create safer, healthier, and better lives for themselves and their communities.


Across all facilities, departments, and levels of care, our Discovery Point Retreat team is united in our commitment to changing the lives of all of our clients and their families. Each team member exemplifies our core values each day, in every decision, and through all we do. These values are:

Kindness - Discovery Point Retreat


  • I demonstrate generosity and consideration for others, without the expectation of praise or reward.
  • I balance my needs, the client’s needs, and the needs of the community in ways that foster group well-being, connection, and compassion.
Innovation - Discovery Point Retreat


  • I am relentless about improvement and work to continuously improve both the quality of care I provide and the client experience.
  • I seek new and creative ways to provide value for clients and my team.
Agility - Discovery Point Retreat


  • I continuously improve my ability to think, draw conclusions, and act quickly to address any challenges I face.
  • I change and successfully adapt to what is happening around me.
Drive - Discovery Point Retreat


  • I am a leader that provides direction to my team, makes good decisions, and has ownership for achieving team goals.
  • I demonstrate a passion for excellence by achieving goals I set for myself and our clients.
  • My drive is evident in the positive energy I bring to work each day.

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