Co-Occurring Disorders

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Overcoming substance abuse can be even more challenging when you’re also coping with a mental health condition such as PTSD, anxiety or depression. At Discovery Point Retreat, we simultaneously treat substance abuse and any underlying mental health conditions that contribute to addiction, laying a stronger foundation for lasting wellness and recovery.

Our Clinical Outcomes

After just 30 days in treatment, our clients experience measurable improvements in mental health and well being.







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Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Substance abuse and mental health issues create an unhealthy cycle as you self-medicate to make up for the symptoms of your illnesses. By using drugs and alcohol to treat those issues, you create a physical and mental dependence which must be addressed concurrently for the best chances of a successful recovery.

Therapist Molly Cook explains why it’s important to recognize and treat the root causes of addiction for meaningful, lasting healing.

At Discovery Point, we create a plan for treating co-occurring disorders that’s tailored to each individual based on your diagnosis, medical history, psychological needs, and emotional condition. You receive care from our counselors and therapists who specialize in treating people like you who struggle with dual disorders. Our therapists work with you in a safe, judgment-free setting to help you learn about your disorders and how to cope with them and treat them effectively.

Our integrated approach is a best-practice, using evidence-based addiction treatment methods throughout the full continuum of care to provide you with effective treatment. We offer client-centered care at every stage of the recovery process with an emphasis on comfort and long-term success. Our goal is for you to recover and remain sober for life.

Take control of your life

You do not have to allow addiction and mental health issues to rule your life. With the help of our team at Discovery Point, it’s possible to recover and live a drug and alcohol-free life while also maintaining control of your mental health. We can create a comprehensive addiction and co-occurring disorders treatment program that is right for you.

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