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Addiction Treatment Reviews & Testimonials

At Discovery Point Retreat, we are committed to providing life-changing addiction treatment. The reviews below reveal what former clients and their loved ones are saying about the transformation they experienced. Help is only a phone call away — contact us today at 855-306-8054.

“At DPR you’re not alone”

Discovery Point Retreat was so much more than just a retreat. It was refuge. I found myself again here with the help of every unique staff member and my fellow residents. I found a willingness to live and the tools I needed to live well. I am forever grateful and suggest Discovery Point to anyone who is suffering with addiction or alcoholism. At DPR you’re not alone.

“Best experience I could’ve asked for”

First time for me going through treatment and it was the best experience I could’ve asked for given the circumstances. Came from MN to TX and was blown away by how caring and supportive the staff is there. Currently 9 months clean and I owe it all to DPR!

“DPR rehab in Dallas should be an even 10 stars”

If I could start by saying that DPR rehab in Dallas should be an even 10 stars. The staff couldn’t be more helpful in the area of recovery. The approach they use is adaptive to each and every addict. From intake from the main facility in Ennis TX. (Their impatient facility) was a great transition. The clinical and psychology insight that is offered, is priceless. It matters not what the addict really struggles from. My observation on every level has the same conclusion, that the clarity the staff strives for LONG TERM recovery. Once again …on an individual level. They work as a team and adapt so very well, as they know the group is most important. Every contact I made was returned promptly. Every question I had was answered. Every text and every email was noted and returned. When there were changes in the process, they adapted for the good of the whole. The support staff worked close with interns and kept on track. Where struggle was apparent, they made the way to healing and understanding for everyone. A special thanks to all who saved my life. I love you. You are all gems in this world which needs more caring and understanding, for the good of society. My heart is quickly filling up with what your cups have spilled. I hope all who read this Discover your recovery here. xoxo

“Highly recommend Discovery Point’

I highly recommend Discovery Point retreat in Ennis. It is a top notch treatment facility in a beautiful rural area. They turned my son’s life around , with their dedicated, caring staff and strong after care program. My son was able to practice his coping skills in real time , and they addressed his severe anxiety with new medication recommendations. I cannot express how grateful I am for all they do for their clients.

“I am now approaching my one year of sobriety”

I am now approaching my one year of sobriety after leaving Discovery Point Retreat. It was experience that was both insightful and rewarding at the same time. I never felt like I was being judged or treated like I did something wrong. Once I understood the neurobiology of the addictive brain, things started to click for me. For me to say that I am “Powerless over alcohol” was very difficult for a long period of time. I was believed I could control my own actions. Through a variety of exercises and counseling sessions you dive deeper into why you abuse drugs/alcohol in the first place. You learn about your character defects and how they play a role in your addictive behavior. The environment for me was very relaxed yet filled with events daily making the day fly by. The food was excellent and prepared by a chef that knew how to cook authentic southern cuisine among many other wonderful dining options. If you are prepared for a change in your life ,I highly recommend you make a call and see if it’s the right fit for you. It certainly was for me!
“I found a peace inside me that I had forgotten”

The love in this house was wonderful. It follows the traditional rehab schedule but with a special twist. I found a peace inside me that I had forgotten for many years… Truly a blessing for me and my family!! Highly recommend for all types of addiction.. Emily and Jenny are Amazing!!! Ennis, TX will be in my heart always.

“I will forever be grateful”

100% appreciated RCs, Therapists, Case management, and Nursing. I will forever be grateful for all the kindness, compassion, and love that I have had the opportunity to have been blessed with while being here at DPR.

“It felt like I was home”

Went in not expecting the quality and well-rounded work that I received. I was struggling for so long within the grip of addiction but here I found the right people for the job. The entire process was so innocuous that it never crossed my mine I was in treatment, it felt like I was home, surrounded by such whole-hearted individuals who were all reaching for the same goal: Sobriety. After everything was over I was so sad to depart from the new family I met at this facility but I am sure to never forget those that I met. Stay strong everyone, there is always hope for every single individual out there…

“Never expected to get so much out of this place”

Coming here I never expected to get so much out of this place. The staff is amazing, and all the people I’ve met have become like family. The directors are amazing people. My case manger showed me so much love and made me feel so comfortable during my stay. I 10 out of 10 recommend coming here.

“The facility itself is amazing and sits on a beautiful property”

I am so glad that I chose DPR to assist me in my treatment. They welcomed me and made me feel at home from day 1. The facility itself is amazing and sits on a beautiful property with a tranquil pond and acres and acres of woods. It was very peaceful and just what I needed as a get away from the busy city life from where I came. The staff was very caring and concerned for my well being and recovery. All my needs were met and most of my requests as well. DPR is fully aware of the difficulty one goes through in making a decision to commit to treatment such as this and they accommodate to the best of their ability in making it as enjoyable as possible. Thank you Discovery Point Retreat!!!


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