words of encouragement for someone in rehab
Toxic Positivity and Depression: Why Optimism and “Looking at the Bright Side” Isn’t Always Helpful

In these uncertain times, I’m sure its fair to say that most of us have had the occasional moment of worry, anxiety, stress, or sadness. We hear the statistics like we may need to continue some form of social distancing into 2022, and we watch the number of people who have tested positive and those […]

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Mental health
Mental Health and Coronavirus: Adjusting to a New Normal

We’re living in a time in a world that we never could have guessed 2020 would bring us. With the words ‘uncertainty’, ‘unknown’, ‘impossible to predict’, and ‘breaking news’ becoming part of our daily lives, the disruption of routine can make this temporary new norm feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar. There is no more 8 AM […]

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struggling with addiction
Tips for Staying Sober after Rehab

Spending time in rehab can help you create a solid foundation for your new sober life. While the initial weeks and months after rehab can be challenging, the strategies you learned during treatment can prevent your recovery journey from derailing. Learning how to stay sober after rehab is essential for preventing relapse. Recovery from an […]

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how drugs impact the brain
How Drugs Affect the Brain

Many people understand that drugs can affect the brain, but they’re not exactly sure how beyond the high or sense of euphoria these substances produce. Regardless of how you use drugs (i.e. inhale, swallow, inject, or snort), drugs invariably affect the brain negatively and can cause both short and long-term effects. As chemicals, drugs can […]

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learn the symptoms of pain pill addiction
Pain Pill Addiction: Learn the Symptoms

Getting help for yourself or a loved one struggling with an addiction to prescription pain medication starts with understanding the signs and symptoms of addiction. There are many signs of an addiction to opioid pain relievers, which can vary from person to person. Some of the most common pain pill addiction symptoms include: Mood changes such as anxiety […]

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symptoms of meth use
Symptoms that Someone is Using Meth

An illegal substance-abuse disorder is a condition that thrives under secrecy and isolation but can be overcome when it is brought into the light.  One of the first steps in helping a loved one or yourself recover from meth addictionis to recognize substance abuse. Once meth use is addressed, you or your loved one can start […]

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The rise of heroin use in the U.S.
The Rise of Heroin Use in the U.S.

The U.S. is in the midst of a heroin and opioid epidemic. More than 70,000 people have lost their lives since 1999 from heroin use alone. When you factor in deaths involving other opioids, that figure jumps to 700,000 lost lives. Heroin and opioid abuse are very much entwined–and in the U.S., that’s always been […]

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What to Expect in Addiction Recovery
What to Expect in Addiction Recovery

It takes tremendous effort to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs. While the recovery journey can include many challenges, the road to wellness is worth the struggle. As you begin the recovery process, it can help to understand what to expect during each phase of addiction recovery. No two recovery journeys are exactly alike, but there […]

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woman providing encouragement to someone in rehab
Words of Encouragement for Someone in Rehab

Motivation is important in long-term recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. The longer a person stays in aftercare programs and sticks to their recovery plan, the less likely they are to relapse. Each day in recovery can present challenges, which is why offering words of encouragement for someone in rehab or to someone who has completed treatment […]

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Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan
What to bring to rehab? A Checklist

The thought of heading to rehab can be overwhelming. But taking this step and committing to Discovery Point Retreat is the best decision for you.  As you learn more about treatment, you will have to start considering what you’re going to pack and bring with you. Don’t stress over packing for rehab. This is a checklist created […]

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