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RELAPSE PREVENTION & Ongoing Addiction Recovery Support

At Discovery Point Retreat, we know our job isn’t just to help you get sober; it’s also to help you stay sober.

When it’s time to move on from rehab, you’ll have put in a lot of work that will give you the tools to maintain your newfound sobriety. But the “real world” is full of triggers and temptations. In fact, nearly two-thirds of addiction relapses happen in the first 90 days of sobriety. That’s why we address substance abuse relapse prevention in our residential inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization program and our intensive outpatient program.

How Does Relapse Prevention Work?

When you’re in addiction treatment, we’ll focus — both one-on-one and in a group setting — on relapse warning signs, triggers and coping skills. We’ll also have recent alums share their experience, so you can have an idea of what to expect once you’ve graduated from Discovery Point Retreat. 

Here’s why: Urges and triggers are a difficult but normal part of the recovery process. When you can anticipate them, you can make a better plan — and stave off a possible relapse. You’ll also have lots of sober friends you can call for support, along with our caring staff.

How an Aftercare Plan Helps Prevent Relapse

As part of your individualized recovery plan, we’ll create a plan for aftercare support, so you’re never feeling alone or lost in early recovery. Discovery Point Retreat offers regular aftercare meetings, plus our alumni program is very active and engaged — and can provide advice and perspective. You can also benefit from many of the 12-step and SMART Recovery meetings available. Meanwhile, we strongly encourage you to continue with individual and/or group therapy to help you manage triggers and urges when they arise.

Tools for Substance Abuse Relapse Prevention

You have many tools at your disposal when it comes to preventing relapse. Here are just a few:

We’re here to support you along the way and provide the guidance you need on the road to recovery. Remember, at Discovery Point Retreat, we’re here to help you achieve and maintain your sobriety — not just while you’re in treatment here, but for life.


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