Rehab for Young Adults

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Rehab for Young Adults

Young people react to substance abuse differently from those whose bodies and brains have fully matured. Discovery Point Retreat has a program just for younger adults age 18-30.

Why Do We Offer addiction Treatment for Young People?

Substance abuse disorders often begin in childhood or during adolescence, at time of considerable susceptibility and vulnerability. Like many older adults living with addiction, young adults’ drug and alcohol abuse is often the result of previous traumas and/or undiagnosed mental health conditions. By getting involved in recovery sooner rather than later, people from the ages of 18 to 30 can limit the physical damage of addiction and achieve a healthier, more balanced life.

Why Do Young Adults Turn to Drugs and Alcohol?

Many young people rely on substances as a way of dealing with the stress of school and work, as well as financial and relationship pressures. What begins as a casual or “harmless” way of letting off steam can quickly become an addiction that creates additional stress in its own right.

Also, young people often adopt thrill-seeking behavior and are willing to experiment with substances. Coupled with a sense of invincibility, this attitude can be especially dangerous.

Whether it’s “liquid courage” from alcohol or the performance-enhancing power of stimulants, many young people rely on substances to fuel their confidence. 

Party culture can persist throughout high school and college, and well into one’s 20s. The emphasis on seeking pleasure can make it a challenge to mature and find enjoyment beyond substances.

What Kind of Treatment for Young Adults Does Discovery Point Retreat Provide?

No matter how severe your addiction may be, our programs can help you get on the road to recovery. When you first begin treatment, we’ll work closely with you to develop an individualized recovery plan designed entirely around your needs and goals. Discovery Point Retreat will meet you right where you are on your recovery journey, so you get the type and duration of treatment that’s right for you. Our continuum of care for young people includes: 

Medical Detox: We generally recommend medical detox when you’ve depended on drugs or alcohol for some time. Suddenly abstaining from drugs or alcohol can trigger a range of withdrawal symptoms, including tremors, sweating, headaches, hallucinations, nausea, anxiety, depression, inability to sleep, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure. By managing your withdrawal with medication, you’ll be much safer and more comfortable.

Residential Program: As part of our residential inpatient program, you’re expected to stay at the facility 24/7 so you can give your undivided attention to treatment and recovery. Many young people find that residential programs are also a good fit, especially if they need more structure. 

Intensive Outpatient: Our intensive outpatient programs at Discovery Point Retreat offer a bit more flexibility. If staying on our premises isn’t practical for you, there’s the option to commute to our facility for your treatment and go home afterward. 

Intensive outpatient programs give you the option to choose from day or night programs. This creates greater accessibility for young people battling an addiction as work, school, and family commitments are no longer impediments to receiving treatment. 

Partial Hospitalization Program: Some young people can’t live at the rehabilitation center but need the care and rigor of an inpatient program. Our partial hospitalization program involves attending treatment several days a week for multiple hours a day. 

Continuing Care: It’s vital to continue care beyond rehab, especially if your goal is long-term sobriety. This environment is especially helpful for young people as you build a network of sober support.

What Types of Substance Abuse Can Be Treated at Discovery Point Retreat?

Discovery Point Retreat has the experience to treat a wide variety of substance abuse types, as well as trauma/PTSD and any co-occurring mental health conditions. Generally speaking, we treat the following types:

Can Young Adults Afford Substance Abuse Treatment at Discovery Point Retreat?

We understand that young people may not yet have the financial resources of our older clients. The good news is that we accept most major medical insurance providers, and are in network with many as well. You can verify your insurance in advance. We can also work with you to make treatment accessible and affordable — including payment plans, medical credit cards and other options. If you have questions about how to afford treatment, just give us a call and speak with a treatment specialist.

Young people can get the treatment they need to be happier, healthier adults. Discovery Point Retreat treatment specialists are here to tell you more.


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