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Men’s Rehab Program Near Dallas, TX

Research shows that men are less likely than women to seek help for alcohol or drug addiction. This may be because they’re reluctant to enter a setting where they know they will be asked to talk openly about their addiction, or even because they mistakenly see the need for rehab as a sign of weakness.

At Discovery Point addiction recovery centers, we have programs specially designed to help men overcome those barriers, open up and speak freely about their feelings, and embrace the treatment methods we use to help you achieve a successful, long-term recovery from your addiction.

We understand that the needs of men and women in rehab are different and that there is not a single approach that works or everyone. Each person who comes to us for help has a unique set of challenges, emotions and circumstances that influence their recovery plan.

We offer specialized programs for men’s drug and alcohol addiction that take all these factors into consideration. This provides the greatest chance to overcome your addiction and make a full and lasting recovery.

All the services in our men’s program are tailored specifically for you, including:

Our treatment programs for men also emphasize the importance of engaging in positive activities that help overcome the urge to use drugs or alcohol. We encourage you to pick up or rekindle your interest in a hobby or sport you enjoy. These programs, combined with medical treatment and therapy sessions, provide the support and guidance you need for a successful recovery.

Don’t ignore the signs of men’s substance abuse

If you recognize these symptoms of male alcohol abuse, you should move quickly to find a specialized treatment program at Discovery Point. Addressing these disorders early on decreases the chance of incurring permanent damage.

Because men are less likely to open up about their feelings, mood disorders such as anxiety and depression often lead them to use drugs and alcohol. Men are also likely to disregard the symptoms of substance abuse. And when men do not receive treatment for the underlying causes of addiction, their disorders can become more mentally and physically debilitating.

Men often avoid treatment for substance abuse in an effort to appear strong and avoid feelings of weakness. In the long run, however, this mentality hurts family, friends and loved ones even more.

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