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Trust is integral to addiction treatment and recovery. As a deeply personal journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth, being able to trust the recovery specialists and behavioral health professionals helping to guide the way is vital. Without that trust many are unable to reach the point of vulnerability necessary for such life-changing outcomes. 

At Discovery Point Retreat, our person-focused approach to treatment is built on the relationships we form with our clients with trust at its core. That’s why we take pride in meeting and exceeding the highest standards of care, giving our clients the peace of mind to focus on the internal work of recovery. Our accreditations reflect this commitment to safety, ethics, and the highest quality care. These include:

Joint Commission Accredited Rehab Center

The Joint Commission is the only accrediting organization with the capability and experience to evaluate healthcare organizations across the full continuum of care. Founded in 1951, The Joint Commission has been the leader in developing the highest standards for quality and safety in the delivery of healthcare for more than 60 years. Their high standards for behavioral healthcare facilities focus on client safety, risk management and reduction, and overall quality of care. Their thorough, comprehensive assessment looks at all facets of treatment from modalities and administrative procedures to an on-site evaluation of the premises. This is especially important for drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities like Discovery Point Retreat which deal with both the physical and psychological health of our clients.


LegitScript is the industry leader in merchant and advertiser certification and monitoring in the e-commerce and payment sectors. LegitScript certification demonstrates that Discovery Point Retreat complies with LegitScript’s certification standards, which help ensure transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Rehab centers in Texas approved by State Health Services

Discovery Point Retreat is a leading provider of drug and alcohol rehab services across the state of Texas. Recognition and licensing by the Texas Department of State Health Services further proves our commitment to excellence in service and care. With a focus on improving public health, safety, and well-being of all residents, the Texas DSHS requires all medical and behavioral health facilities operating within the state to be licensed and accredited. As part of the licensing process, state officials conduct a thorough, comprehensive evaluation of each facility to ensure all safety and procedural standards are met. Licenses must be renewed every two years, further ensuring businesses and organizations continue to operate to these standards. Discovery Point Retreat is licensed for all levels of care across the state of Texas, including detox, inpatient residential care, and outpatient treatment. We work closely with the state to ensure all those in need receive the effective, individualized care they need to overcome addiction.

Hall of Fame Health Logo
Hall of Fame Health

Discovery Point Retreat is an Elite Care Center with the Hall of Fame Health (HOFH), an affiliate of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Our team provides high-quality, customized care to former players and their families, veterans, and beyond.

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