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What to Expect in Addiction Recovery

It takes tremendous effort to overcome an addiction to alcohol or drugs. While the recovery journey can include many challenges, the road to wellness is worth the struggle. As you begin the recovery process, it can help to understand what to expect during each phase of addiction recovery. No two recovery journeys are exactly alike, but there […]

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How Long is the Withdrawal Effect?

The withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when attempting to quit drinking or using drugs after a physical dependence range from discomfort to serious medical concerns. Together with intense cravings, these symptoms can make stopping substance abuse seem like an out-of-reach goal. However, through our supportive medical detox services at Discovery Point Retreat, you can […]

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The Best Ways to Detox from Alcohol

Alcohol is a poison to the body. Prolonged exposure through repeated alcohol abuse can cause not only an addiction but a physical dependence, too. Breaking this physical dependence requires that the withdrawal symptoms run their course. However, withdrawal from alcohol is both uncomfortable and dangerous, which is why medical assistance is often needed. To better […]

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