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Group therapy For Substance Abuse

For some people, group therapy is one of the least enjoyable aspects of addiction treatment. Sharing your story and your most painful experiences with total strangers can be nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. And if you struggle with anxiety, the prospect of openly discussing your addiction in group therapy can induce even more apprehension.

That’s why at Discovery Point Retreat, we strive to cultivate a safe, affirming space for our group therapy sessions. We make it clear that no one will judge you. And as you receive support from others, we hope you will feel comfortable enough to return that support. Sharing our stories gives us the ability to find strength in vulnerability and transparency.

We incorporate several different treatment approaches in our group therapy program. We include elements of cognitive behavioral therapy for substance abuse, the 12-step program popularized by Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, and a variety of team-building exercises through recreational therapy.

The power of support from your peers

Social support is one of the most crucial factors that influences your recovery success, which is why group therapy is a core component of all our drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs. We want to provide you with a sense of community while you’re at Discovery Point so you reap the full benefits of this therapy.

When you participate in our group therapy program, you find camaraderie among people who are also in recovery. By creating a safe space for you and others to openly share your stories, we allow you to build trust among your peers. The companionship of someone who understands your struggles will help you as you progress through your individual treatment plan.

In our group therapy program, you gain a valuable opportunity to find social support and validation that you may not have in the real world. Addiction often drives a wedge between friends and family, and the feelings of isolation often cause substance abuse to worsen. Recovery is an individual choice and commitment, but you should not go through it alone.

Benefits of group therapy

One of the greatest benefits you experience from a group therapy program is the healing power of trust. Opening your heart up to others is scary, but it’s one of the most fundamental skills you develop and take with you after treatment. Additional benefits of group therapy include:

Recovery is a lifelong journey, but treatment that includes group therapy can help you sustain your sobriety long-term. We accept discomfort as a natural part of the healing process, and we help you overcome those concerns so that you enjoy the benefits of group therapy.

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