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Music therapy For Substance Abuse

How does music therapy help you recover from substance abuse? Certain areas in the brain that regulate emotion react favorably to music, whether you’re listening on the radio or playing an instrument. At Discovery Point Retreat, we supplement your traditional addiction treatment with music therapy to increase your chances of a successful, long-term recovery.

Music therapy can help treat a wide variety of issues, including substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our specialized music program at Discovery Point can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, facilitate the healing process and help you develop better communication skills.

Music therapy also serves as a healthy coping mechanism. You are less likely to relapse when you have coping techniques to rely on whenever negative emotions and situations arise. If you have a substance abuse problem, it’s likely that you also suffer from depression or trauma – and music therapy is helpful in treating both.

 Listening to music stimulates core areas in your brain associated with emotional processing. The emotions music evokes in you have an impact on your immune system, endocrine system and autonomic nervous system.

How music therapy works

Our music therapists are certified professionals who have been specially trained to lead music therapy sessions. We evaluate your emotional, cognitive and physical status in relation to music, then create a curriculum based on your unique needs.

Activities in your curriculum may include listening to music, singing, playing an instrument, learning how to play an instrument, discussing lyrics or writing songs. Throughout the program, which may include one-on-one and group sessions, your music therapist will monitor your progress to ensure you’re reaping the full benefits of this therapy.

Music therapy is an enjoyable way to overcome addiction and prevent relapse. It provides a healthy outlet for emotions that may otherwise lead to you using drugs or alcohol. Your music therapist guides you through this treatment, so you can rest assured you are going about the right way of using music to benefit your healing.

Music therapy as part of a comprehensive recovery plan

Many find that cognitive behavioral therapy and music therapy are very effective when used together. This combination helps you understand your triggers and gives you an alternative to substance abuse that is relaxing and enjoyable.

We have many treatment programs at Discovery Point, and we can incorporate music therapy into any recovery plan. Services we offer include:

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