peer support addiction recovery
Beyond Addiction: The Transformative Power of Peer Support

On the journey to recover from addiction, the presence of others plays an essential role far beyond mere companionship. It’s about establishing a network of support that holds you accountable, provides encouragement, and lifts your spirits during the darkest moments.  When individuals step forward to support you, it ignites a flame of motivation to persevere […]

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Addiction Hijacks Brain
How Addiction Hijacks Your Brain

Hijack.  That word initially reads as a bit dramatic, doesn’t it? We hear the same couple of phrases and expressions quite consistently in the addiction field: “It’s not that serious.” “Drugs and alcohol don’t control me.” “I’m still the same person.” But you’re not the same person right now. Biologically and statistically – you’re not.  […]

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finding purpose in addiction recovery
Finding Purpose in Recovery: Rediscovering Passion and Meaning in Life

“What’s my purpose now?” In your journey of rediscovery after overcoming addiction, many people find themselves asking this exact question. This thought process is absolutely valid, and we’re glad to know you’re asking yourself the right questions now – because you’re tuning into what you want, not what your addiction wants. Connecting yourself to your […]

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repairing relationships addiction
Rebuilding Relationships After Addiction

Healing Wounds and Fostering Connection The first step towards rebuilding and repairing relationships after addiction is to rebuild yourself. Before repairing relationships with others, you must consider the damage that your actions have caused. It’s impossible to fix what’s broken if you can’t see how you’ve hurt the ones you love. Addiction is a chronic […]

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How to stop cravings
How to Stop Cravings

Addiction is a complex and challenging condition that affects millions worldwide. For individuals on the path to recovery, cravings can present significant obstacles, testing their resolve and commitment to sobriety.  These cravings, triggered by various factors, can be overpowering and jeopardize the progress made in the recovery process. Seeking professional help is essential in navigating […]

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Recovery questions answered
Recovery Questions Answered: Part 1

“Recovery isn’t easy – at first. It takes time. Sometimes, it takes a lot more work than you may think you are willing to put in. Even though the journey is hard, it is worth every scare, every tear, and every moment of fear that comes with it. It’s worth it because the trade-off is […]

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Coping skills for relapse prevention
The Importance of Healthy Coping Mechanisms in Addiction Treatment

Life is full of twists and turns, and you rarely get to be in the driver’s seat controlling when they happen. Because of this, people face daily situations and experiences that can cause fear, stress, and trauma. In order to cope with stress and anxiety, you must learn to possess certain skills to find healthy […]

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Chaos Addiction
The Chaos Complex: Is the chaos in your life leading you down an addictive path?

Chaos. Complete disorder and confusion. An addictive feeling if you’ve leaned into it for far too long. So, can you be addicted to the chaos in your life? Unfortunately, yes, and it can create a multitude of issues later down the road if you have yet to realize that you’re suffering from it.  Even though […]

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addiction denial
Addiction Denial: A Ticking Time Bomb

Unhealthy denial is usually built over time. It’s a wall your mind builds around you – brick by brick, every time you lie to cover up your actions or turn a blind eye to a problem. Eventually, the wall of denial shields not only from seeing the reality of your situation but also from recognizing […]

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Resolutions for recovery
5 New Year’s Resolutions for People Wanting Recovery

Whether you’re reading this before the new year bell has rung or you’ve fallen upon this two weeks into the new year, you need to know one thing: every day is a chance for you to start anew. It doesn’t just have to be in the new year. One of the most challenging yet influential […]

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