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Program & Client REFERRALS

Discovery Point Retreat welcomes referrals from health professionals and other caregivers.

Referring clients to Discovery Point Retreat

We’re honored that you’re interested in making a referral for one of the patients, clients or individuals in your care. We’re confident that Discovery Point Retreat can provide them with the treatment they need to begin recovery. 

Discovery Point Retreat admits patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our treatment specialists are available to discuss patient care and arrange admissions, as well as other important details. 

To make a referral, call us at 855-306-8054.

Collaboration with professionals

Cooperation, communication and collaboration from the basis of our strong working relationships with professionals. We’re committed to keeping you informed and involving you throughout the treatment process. Discovery Point Retreat regularly works with the following types of providers and caregivers to achieve lasting sobriety for our mutual clients:

Individuals may also self-refer to Discovery Point Retreat or be referred by family members, physicians, private therapists, other drug and alcohol treatment programs, employee assistance professionals and interventionists.

To learn more, contact Discovery Point Retreat today at 855-306-8054.