Equine-Assisted Therapy

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Equine-Assisted Therapy For Substance Abuse

When you think of addiction treatment for substance abuse, spending time with horses is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. But at Discovery Point Retreat, you’ll benefit greatly from this form of experiential therapy as horses help you better understand yourself and how you interact with the world.

Most addicts have isolated themselves from loved ones and destroyed their self-esteem through years of destructive behavior and negative thoughts. In order to heal, they must learn how to have healthy relationships with others, and horses can be an ideal teacher for these lessons.

Because horses are naturally sensitive and intuitive animals, they have a keen awareness of emotions that you may not be able to express. In their interactions with you, the animals reflect whether you are calm or anxious, upset or nervous. Because of these qualities, horses can help you heal from a variety of psychological issues. By creating a safe space where vulnerability is encouraged, you’ll discover a sense of acceptance that allows you to express your feelings openly without fear of judgment. You will develop a strong bond with horses you care for and the horses, in return, provide a completely non-judgmental relationship.

Equine-assisted therapy can be a powerful tool for letting go and allowing yourself to heal, offering a chance to build social skills, teamwork, and build trust.

Discovery Point Retreat’s offsite equine-assisted therapy program is offered through our partners Paws for Reflection and Touch of Chrome Paints.

Benefits of Equine-Assisted Therapy

EAT has been found to be effective for anyone battling an alcohol or drug addiction, including men and women, adults and teens. Through your interactions with our horses during treatment at Discovery Point Retreat, you learn important lessons and develop skills such as:

Equine-Assisted Therapy also helps you learn how to build trust. Many people in rehab are initially uncomfortable being around others and sharing their thoughts. EAT shows you how to build a trusting relationship in a non-threatening environment. These skills become the foundation for building the relationships you need to maintain a successful recovery.

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