drug and alcohol rehab center in ennis texasAbout Discovery Point Retreat

Discovery Point Retreat is dedicated to helping to combat the substance abuse epidemic. Our alcohol and drug treatment center in Ennis, TX uses evidence-based treatment modalities and individualized care regimens to help clients overcome addiction. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this residential inpatient treatment facility provides a safe and secluded environment for focusing inward on the healing process of recovery.

No matter where one is in the recovery process, Discovery Point Retreat is here to provide the support and guidance necessary for long-term sobriety. With small client populations, a staff that feels like family, and in an environment that feels like home, Discovery Point Retreat offers a unique, effective approach to addiction treatment.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Ennis, TX

Environment can have a major impact on one’s recovery journey. That’s why our treatment facility feels like home, not a cold, sterile hospital setting. Our three story ranch is 45 minutes away from Dallas, but close enough for in-town shopping excursions and family visits. With semi-private rooms and large communal spaces, our alcohol and drug treatment center in Ennis, TX encourages building bonds and healing together.

Amenities at our Ennis location include:

Semi-Private Rooms

Our three-story ranch-style housing facility features 44 beds in semi-private rooms. Outfitted with xBox streaming services and comfortable memory foam mattresses, clients feel right at home during the course of treatment.

On-Site Chef

Clients receive three balanced and nutritious meals per day prepared by an on-site chef. Clients with dietary restrictions and needs also receive meals to fit their needs. Snacks are available 24 hours a day, including freshly baked goods. Special holiday meals catering for clients and family are also provided.


Recovery doesn’t have to be boring. Staying active and engaged can help to negate cravings and affirm one’s commitment to sober living. Discovery Point Retreat’s Ennis location includes:

  • 2 community rooms equipped with Xbox
  • ½ basketball course
  • Seasonal fishing pond
  • Spa/salon for nails, hair, and facials
  • Offsite gym visits
  • Outdoor fire pit and nature trails

Residential inpatient treatment at our alcohol and drug treatment center in Ennis, TX also includes weekly group outings. We take advantage of local attractions like the Dallas Museum of Art or the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Other excursions include the movies, bowling, horseback riding, and more.

drug and alcohol rehab center in ennis texasWhat to Expect from Discovery Point Retreat in Ennis

Discovery Point Retreat is dedicated to helping those in need achieve long-lasting sobriety. In many cases, this includes removing the roadblocks to recovery, including fear and anxiety about the recovery process. We believe transparency is vital for building the trust necessary for success.

When attending our alcohol and drug treatment center in Ennis, clients will attend group and individual therapy sessions eight hours per day. During these sessions, clients may work with peers in addressing common challenges in early recovery as well as addressing specific concerns during private counseling. Spiritual guidance is also available through optional off-site and in-house 12 step meetings and worship services.

Because addiction affects everyone differently, the specifics of one’s treatment plan depends on each client’s specific needs. For more information about what to expect at Discovery Point Retreat, contact us today.


Effective care begins with a knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated team of addiction recovery specialists ready to take on your needs. Our priority is always client success in recovery. That’s why our staff features counselors, clinicians, therapists, and supporting staff members trained specifically in addiction recovery and co-occurring mental health disorders. By remaining informed of all the latest developments in addiction recovery, our team is fully prepared to treat all clients, no matter where they are in the recovery journey.

At Discovery Point Retreat, our staff is more than just a team of behavioral health specialists; they’re family. By investing in each other and our clients, we create an unified environment promoting communication, mutual support, and respect. Each client becomes a part of our family, not just another number. This level of dedication extends beyond completion of care through aftercare services and alumni support.

Covering the Cost of Care

Discovery Point retreat accepts most major insurance providers. As your local alcohol and drug treatment facility in Ennis, TX, we provide resources, including insurance verification, to help increase accessibility to care. Our admissions team is standing by, 24/7, to answer any questions about insurance coverage and other payment options.

For clients who are uninsured or for whom coverage is denied, recovery is still possible. Options such as self-pay, financing, or finding new or additional coverage are available. Scholarship opportunities may also be available for those with financial need.

Take back control of your life. Find new hope through recovery at Discovery Point Retreat today!