Addiction Treatment TherapiesAddiction treatment therapies are various forms of therapy used to treat the underlying causes of substance abuse. They typically include a range of talk therapies that may happen in a group or individual setting. These therapies are conducted by formally trained clinical professionals usually in a rehab setting.

Different Types of Addiction Treatment Therapies

The list of therapies used to treat addiction is quite long. It includes cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, family therapy, person-centered therapy, contingency management, and many more. While each therapy has various uses and benefits, the point of all addiction therapies is to reduce the risk of relapse. Most patients struggling with addiction enter rehab and go through a medical detox program. However, detox doesn’t solve the problem of why the person is using the substance in the first place.

Most quality rehab centers employ more than one type of therapy to help people isolate their thoughts and behaviors regarding addiction. For example, using group therapy helps patients get social support. They learn different points of view and hear from those struggling with the same issues. At the same time, individual therapy helps them focus on issues specific to them.

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Why Use Addiction Treatment Therapies?

As mentioned above, simply undergoing detox rarely does anything to stop someone from going back to the addictive substance. Therapies help reduce the risk of relapse and help the person integrate back into society. Addiction isn’t a simple problem. It typically has a number of underlying causes that vary widely by individual. For that reason, treatment should be focused on each patient individually rather than the specific drug they are addicted to.

Even if a person goes to rehab against their will, the various treatment therapies can help set them on the right path. In many cases, the person starts participating willingly when they feel like it’s helping. Medications definitely have a place in addiction treatment, but counseling and behavioral therapies have been proven over and over to be very effective.

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How Addiction Treatment Therapies Work

Therapies for addiction typically work in a similar way. For example, behavioral therapy seeks to address unwanted behaviors. In substance abuse, the drug-using behavior continues due in part to the desirable effects of the drug. Despite the other negative consequences, the person is motivated to continue using the drug. Behavior therapies try to isolate the thoughts and triggers that lead to drug use. In contingency management, patients enter a sort of reward system to have incentives for not using the substance.

Other therapies try to address distorted and irrational beliefs. Many times these types of beliefs lead people to use drugs and alcohol as avoidance. For example, someone might believe that their life is falling apart if it’s not perfect. When that perfection can’t be obtained, they become depressed and use drugs or alcohol to dampen the feelings of hopelessness.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a specialized therapy we use to assist you with emotional struggles. This allows you to heal emotionally and mentally while you heal physically from addiction. Working through the things you’ve done in your past while struggling with addiction, helps you get through any blocks you have that are hindering recovery. If you can get past the emotional trauma that led you to the addiction, you can move on through recovery with a clear mind.

Addiction Treatment Therapies At A Quality Rehab

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