girl smiles outside her residential addiction treatment programFinding the right addiction treatment center takes time. There are several factors to consider such as location, levels of care, and programs and therapies offered at the facility. But one very important consideration many people overlook is that of the right rehab program. By far, a program at a residential treatment center offers the highest potential for lasting recovery.

Sometimes, your recovery journey begins with detox. A medical detox center makes the transition from active substance abuse to early recovery. At Discovery Point Retreat, our medically-assisted detox program can give you the support, comfort, and care you need to ensure you are ready for the next phase of treatment. This next phase will most likely involve you enrolling in our residential addiction treatment program.

Residential Addiction Treatment Program in Dallas, TX

Discovery Point Retreat offers residential treatment at our Waxahachie and Ennis, TX locations. Our picturesque, ranch-style homes provide the perfect setting for you to reflect and focus on your journey to sobriety. Our low client-to-staff ratio ensures you get the care and attention you need. Our staff develops a customized treatment plan for you based on your unique needs and circumstances. This individualized plan will involve a mix of different therapies, modalities, and treatment options to give you the best chance at achieving lifelong sobriety. A few of the addiction treatment therapies that may be apart of your plan include:

This mix of modalities form the solid foundation for the life you want, one where drugs and alcohol do not influence you. Through these proven approaches, you learn how to forgive your past, make positive changes for your future, and behave in ways that provide your greatest fulfillment. During your stay here, you also build coping skills to stay away from drugs or alcohol forever.

Why a Residential Addiction Treatment Program Works Best

A residential addiction treatment program in Dallas, TX involves living at the facility. There, you receive care and support along with an array of therapies. This part of your treatment usually lasts from 28 to 90 days.

Of course, being in a residential addiction treatment program at Discovery Point Retreat provides distinct benefits over other forms of rehab. Above all else, being in a residential addiction treatment program in Dallas, TX ensures your greatest focus and discipline toward your biggest goal, that of achieving strong sobriety. Without outside distractions, you apply all of your time and energy toward achieving this goal. To this end, we focus on evidence-based and holistic addiction therapy programs that give you insight into your struggles. We want our facility to provide a serene place for you to think and reflect during recovery, away from the hustle of city life.

You also establish a healthy daily routine in a residential addiction treatment program in Dallas, TX. In your addiction, you did not maintain structure or even a schedule in your life. Instead, you slept odd hours and shuffled through your days without clear objectives. It is in a routine lifestyle that you create your greatest success, so in residential rehab, you adopt this productive lifestyle again and start seeing immediate benefits.

A Safe Retreat For the Beginnings of Recovery

Another benefit of a residential rehab program is peer support. You meet new people in rehab and these new relationships provide mutual support that you have not enjoyed in a long time. Some of the people you get to know in your program become a lifelong network to lean on. At the same time, you return this support for them, which also strengthens your recovery. You get to do activities with them like swimming in our outdoor pool, going hiking in the nature surrounding our facility, or going on outings together to nearby Dallas, TX.

Being in the residential treatment environment also provides safety from your triggers and temptations. Isolating you from stress sets you up for success. When living outside of your rehab doors, you have constant access to the places and substances you must avoid for sobriety. But within our program, you feel protected, safe, and able to look at your life through a fresh perspective.

Clear Benefits of Residential Rehab Treatment

Clear benefits of a residential rehab program over other types of treatment include:

  • Stability and safety in a sober environment
  • 24/7 support and care
  • Supervision to prevent relapse
  • Focus on therapy as well as holistic treatment services
  • Peer practice for building strong relationships
  • Daily structure, training, and education
  • Practice in living a healthy, sober lifestyle

Dallas Area Residential Rehab Treatment

In Waxahachie, TX, Discovery Point Retreat provides the Dallas residential rehab treatment you need to create the life you want. Put drugs and alcohol behind you for good through therapies proven to provide recovery success. Call Discovery Point Retreat now at [Direct] for more information about the residential addiction treatment program designed specifically for your best recovery.