Residential Addiction Treatment in WaxahachieOne extremely important consideration many searching for residential treatment centers overlook is choosing the right rehab program. When you find the right residential program, the chances of completing the program successfully and maintaining sobriety increases. 

Our comprehensive approach creates a strong foundation for long-term recovery, including:

  • Treatment of underlying issues contributing to addiction
  • Variety of proven therapies and specialized programs
  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Family focus
  • Exercise, nutrition, and wellness
  • First-class amenities

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What is a Residential Treatment Program?

Rehabilitation is a broad term encompassing various treatment types. One of the most effective is a residential treatment program. A residential treatment program allows clients to focus on recovery without the distractions and temptations encountered at home. During treatment, clients remain on-premises with a clinical equipped to teach clients how to manage cravings and become sober. Clients recover with the daily structure needed to shift their focus from alcohol or substance use to rebuilding a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Before starting residential rehab, the recovery journey begins with acute detoxification. A medical detox center facilitates the transition from active substance abuse to early recovery. At Discovery Point Retreat, our medically-assisted AcuDetox program gives clients the support, comfort, and care they need to ensure advancement into the next stage of rehabilitation. Conducted by a licensed specialist, the detox program should help alleviate withdrawal symptoms, rescue cravings, and ease stress and anxiety. Once the body is rid of harmful substances, residential rehabilitation can begin. 

In addition to residential programs, some substance abuse treatment centers offer outpatient programs as part of a full continuum of care. This allows for consistency in the care delivered and the team delivering it. In terms of the process, after residential treatment concludes, clients transition to our partial hospitalization program (PHP) or intensive outpatient program (IOP). This continuity of care ensures patients receive the ongoing treatment and support needed to navigate life outside inpatient care, and further strengthen their recovery.

PHP and IOP provide opportunities to practice and reinforce the concepts learned in residential rehabilitation as clients progress in their recovery. Through each step, patients can rest assured they will receive consistent, integrated addiction, and mental health care from the treatment team that they have come to know and trust.

Partial Hospitalization Programs 

Partial hospitalization treatment continues rigorous substance abuse treatment without the restriction of remaining within a treatment facility on a 24-hour basis. Clients electing for PHP attend therapy daily and return home at night. PHP treatment is designed for those who have completed inpatient rehabilitation and for clients who may not be able to commit to inpatient care but have the external support necessary for outpatient addiction treatment.

Outpatient RehabilitationOutpatient Addiction Treatment in Dallas

Outpatient rehabilitation is the last stage of the traditional recovery process. During outpatient treatment clients are free to return living normally and attend treatment several times a week for long blocks of psychotherapy. 

Clients are encouraged to share real-life triggers and experiences as they continue on their journey to recovery. Outpatient treatment ensures clients are not launched into the world without support too quickly. Many who forgo outpatient rehabilitation are not ready to tackle abstinence alone and relapse quickly. 

Relapse is part of recovery—but it is preventable with the right continuum of treatment. 

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Discovery Point Retreat has residential treatment centers at our Waxahachie and Ennis, TX locations. Our picturesque, ranch-style homes provide the perfect setting for you to reflect and focus on your journey to sobriety. 

We implement a low client-to-staff ratio ensuring client-centric care. During the course of treatment, our staff develops a customized treatment plan for clients based on their unique needs and circumstances. Considerations include one’s length of dependency, childhood trauma, co-occurring mental health disorders, physical disorders, and one’s general disposition. 

Our individualized plans involve a combination of varied therapeutic modalities, and treatment options, positioning clients in the optimal position for achieving recovery. 

Addiction treatment therapies include:

Our combination of modalities form the solid foundation for the lives our clients want; one where drugs and alcohol don’t influence every micro-moment of their behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes. 

Through our evidence-based treatment modalities, clients learn how to forgive their past, make positive changes for the future, and behave in ways that create feelings of fulfillment. 

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Why Our Dallas Residential Addiction Treatment Program Works Best

Many people aren’t aware they are suffering from an undiagnosed mental health disorder. Consequently, they suffer from self-medication and unexplained outbursts of emotion or unfavorable behaviors. The effectiveness of residential treatment programs lies within their ability to educate clients on their disorder and teach them how to overcome addiction from the inside out. 

Being in a residential addiction treatment program in Dallas, TX ensures your greatest focus and discipline toward achieving a strong recovery. Without outside distractions, clients apply all time and energy toward achieving sobriety. To this end, we focus on evidence-based and holistic addiction therapy programs giving clients insight into their struggles with addiction. 

Discovery Point Retreat’s facility provides a serene place for clients to think and reflect during recovery, away from the hustle of city life.

Clients establish healthy daily routines during treatment. 

The focus of residential treatment is the identification and redressing of negative thought patterns, coping mechanisms, and faulty expectations. Clients begin building life skills improving emotional intelligence, inner dialogue, and receive specialized treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders. 

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in DallasA Safe Retreat the Beginning of Recovery

An additional benefit of a residential rehab program is peer support. 

Clients meet new people in rehab and these new relationships provide mutual support clients often isolate themselves from before attending treatment. Many clients forming powerful bonds during recovery often remain friends for life, serving as sober friends and a continued support system. 

Clients returning support for peers strengthen one’s recovery. Peers participate in recreational and therapeutic activities together.

Being in the residential rehab environment provides safety from triggers and temptations. Isolating clients from external stressors sets them up for long-term success. Our clinically monitored environments offer a safe place for recovery. Staff is on-call 24 hours a day, inclusive of medical staff and therapeutic support.


Undeniable Benefits of Residential Rehab Treatment

  • Stability and safety in a sober environment
  • 24/7 support and care
  • Supervision to prevent relapse
  • Focus on therapy and holistic treatment services
  • Peer practice for building strong relationships
  • Daily structure, training, and education
  • Practice in living a healthy, sober lifestyle
  • Low client to clinician treatment ratio
  • Kind and compassionate staff— many who have recovered from addiction

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Dallas Area Residential Rehab Centers

In Waxahachie, TX, Discovery Point Retreat provides the pinnacle of residential treatment centers clients need to take control of the lives they were always meant to live!

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