Reviews: DPR rehab in Dallas should be an even 10 stars

“DPR rehab in Dallas should be an even 10 stars”

If I could start by saying that DPR rehab in Dallas should be an even 10 stars. The staff couldn't be more helpful in the area of recovery. The approach they use is adaptive to each and every addict. From intake from the main facility in Ennis TX. (Their impatient facility) was a great transition. The clinical and psychology insight that is offered, is priceless. It matters not what the addict really struggles from. My observation on every level has the same conclusion, that the clarity the staff strives for LONG TERM recovery. Once again ...on an individual level. They work as a team and adapt so very well, as they know the group is most important. Every contact I made was returned promptly. Every question I had was answered. Every text and every email was noted and returned. When there were changes in the process, they adapted for the good of the whole. The support staff worked close with interns and kept on track. Where struggle was apparent, they made the way to healing and understanding for everyone. A special thanks to all who saved my life. I love you. You are all gems in this world which needs more caring and understanding, for the good of society. My heart is quickly filling up with what your cups have spilled. I hope all who read this Discover your recovery here. xoxo