Discovery Point Retreat is dedicated to providing the most effective, state of the art treatment options for bringing about real and lasting change in your life. That’s why we utilize a unique combination of the most trusted practices in addiction recovery to help you on your journey of sobriety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

By challenging the negative thought patterns that can lead to addictive behaviors, we use techniques such as mindfulness to teach better coping skills. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches you to be conscious of yourself on a deeper level, focusing on thoughts and actions that are conducive with your sober life.

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12 Steps Treatment

This tried and true method of addiction treatment focuses on 12 principles for developing a foundation of long-term sobriety. The 12 steps strengthens your spiritual connection with a higher power and allows that light to guide your continued recovery.

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Recreational Therapy

Taking advantage of our environment, we use techniques such as meditation, animal therapy, and yoga to bring about peace, calm, and healing. These alternatives to traditional addiction treatment help provide fully encompassing restoration of the mind, body, and soul.

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