a man talking to his doctor about a heroin addiction treatment programThroughout the 1970s and 1980s, heroin was a popular drug on the streets. It was a menace to society that created a lot of problems for everyone. We are still dealing with the same issues 30-40 years later. What is different about the resources that therapists must use to help drug users fight back against their heroin addiction problems? Much of the following information will focus on our heroin addiction treatment program in Dallas, Texas.

About Heroin Addiction

The US has finally reached the point where opioid abuse has become an epidemic with heroin as a primary culprit. If nothing else, heroin and its big brother fentanyl are deadlier than ever. At our Discovery Point Retreat drug and alcohol rehab in Dallas, Texas, we see a constant stream of heroin-addicted clients.

There are two things all clients seem to have in common. First, they formed an addiction with some personal issue{s} as the driving force behind the addiction. Second, they were initially drawn to the substance’s initial euphoria. What they all eventually come to realize is just how highly addictive and dangerous heroin can be.

As for what heroin addiction looks and feels like, here’s some common signs of the addiction: isolation away from personal relationships, drug paraphernalia lying around the home, unkempt personal appearance, loss of concentration and motor control, inability to attend to personal responsibilities and issues with the law because of illicit activities while securing drugs or money for drugs.

If you can lay claim to any number of these or other signs, you need help from our heroin addiction treatment program in Dallas, Texas.

About Cutting Edge Heroin Addiction Treatment Programs

Long gone are the days when a majority of the country’s rehab centers relied on a cookie-approach to heroin addiction treatment. In today’s addiction treatment community, rehab centers are far more likely to provide access to a wider range of addiction treatment options.

The terms evidence-based therapies and holistic treatment modalities have become quite common among addiction treatment professions. It’s a clear indication that the client’s overall health and welfare are just as important as arresting the addiction.

Evidence-based therapies like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT) now garner much of the attention. In both cases, therapists will employ treatment options that focus on your thoughts or feelings and emotions. By doing so, you can learn to control what you are experiencing. This newfound control gives you the ability to change your thoughts and feelings to something more positive. In turn, you have a real chance to stop harmful addictive behaviors.

As for holistic treatment options like a recreational therapy program, these types of options target your wellness. If you are feeling personal fulfillment, you are far less likely to feel the need to self-medicate.

Discovery Point Retreat – Making Magic Happen

In fact, there’s nothing all that magical about what we do in our heroin addiction treatment program at our Dallas, Texas location. Helping you find a path to recovery requires a lot of hard work from all parties. To ensure you get what you need, we use one or more of the following treatment options: medical detox programs, inpatient treatment options (standard and extended care), outpatient treatment options like PHP and IOP, 12-Step program access and¬†aftercare programs.

Before you let your heroin addiction claim all that you have, please consider getting help. First, you must come to grips with the notion you have a disease and need help. Next, you need to pick up the phone and call our Discovery Point Retreat facility at [Direct]. From that point on, we will be there to help light your way to a lasting recovery with the right heroin addiction treatment program customized just for you.