Faith Based Drug RehabAn addiction to drugs can cause even a religious person to suffer from the many negative effects of the disease. If you have become addicted and fear that you have let God down and need help to turn your life around, then our faith-based drug rehab in Dallas can help you to overcome the obstacles to your faith and recovery.


Faith based recovery from substance abuse in not a new concept; the Alcoholic Anonymous program which uses the 12 steps to help a person overcome addiction is based on faith and religion as a key driving force behind the success of their program.


Since the inception of the 12-step program in the 1930s, addiction science has shed light on the underlying processes of addiction and the risk factors of addiction among other key elements. It has resulted in several evidence-based therapies that can effectively treat a person with an addiction.


At our faith-based drug rehab in Dallas, we combine the best aspects of both treatment models, science and faith, to culminate into a conclusive treatment plan that can assist you with every facet of your recovery. When these programs are combined, they become more effective than if each program was used independently. Research such as by the Baylor University have verified that the adherence to religious practices in a drug addiction recovery plan can help to reduce the behaviors that are harmful to you and lead to substance abuse.


Christian Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Dallas, TX 


When a Christian becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can often be difficult to process and accept. If you have become addicted to drugs, we understand that you may have negative emotions regarding your relationship with God, such as guilt or even shame.


While these ideas are generally not conducive to recovery, there is an element that can be a positive for recovery. At Discovery Point Retreat, we understand that you might be using drugs or alcohol as a way to replace an emptiness that you feel. In truth, only God can truly fill that void. As such, we strive to help you rebuild your relationship with God and let him be your motivation and guide in recovery.


Through faith in God at our faith-based drug rehab in Dallas, TX, you can strengthen your recovery and improve your quality of life. Your substance abuse can be stopped, and a life that has God and all of his compassion in it can be achieved.


Of course, we also believe that evidence-based treatment methods are essential to helping you to beat your addiction. Among the therapies that will be a part of your treatment plan at our faith-based drug rehab in Dallas include multimodal therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and cognitive behavior therapy.


Recreational therapy can also help you in our rehab programs. One of the things that a recovering person can struggle with is finding something new to replace their bad habits. Recreational activities can be an excellent way for you to find new joy in life after an addiction. The beautiful surrounds in Dallas, TX, offers you an ideal place to take part in the various activities that we offer, such as hiking, fishing, and equine therapy.


How Are Faith Based Rehabs Different? 


The real difference in faith-based rehab is what it can offer you on top of what you are already getting from an accredited treatment program. Our residential rehab in Dallas has all of the most effective treatment methods that you’d expect from a fully accredited treatment center.


On top of the benefits that you can get from these programs, the addition of religious teachings, prayer groups, spiritual counselors, and the benefits that faith has on your healing and recovery can only improve your treatment results.


Faith based rehabs are also different in the way that you can connect to others in the rehab program. Your peers that are recovering alongside you in a faith-based program share many of your same experiences, beliefs, and goals for the future. This can make connecting with them easier and improves the support that you feel in recovery. Many of these bonds can last long after you time with us at Discovery Point Retreat has finished.


During an average day at our rehab, you can expect to take part in activities and therapies that incorporate religion into your treatment. For example, you might join the daily prayer group or sit with your spiritual counselor to discuss God in your life in recovery. So, instead of just focusing on behavioral therapy, recreational therapy, and our holistic healing programs, you will also take part in various Christian programs, too.


What Does the Bible Say About Addiction? 


A part of what is discussed in the various bible studies and counseling sessions is what the bible says about addiction and recovery. It can provide insights into how to overcome an addiction through the boundless wisdom that the bible offers the faithful.


Among the most notable extracts from the bible include the following. 


In 1 Peter 5:8, the bible warns us to be sober-minded. If we let our guard down, then the devil will devour you because he is always waiting in ambush. This extract reminds us that long-term drug abuse prevention is about staying on top of your recovery.


In 1 Peter 5:10, the bible reminds us that God will restore you and help to establish you after you have suffered for a time.


In Psalm 50:15, God tells you to call upon him in your time of need, and he will deliver you from evil, and you must then glorify him.


Sober Friendly Attractions near Dallas


Dallas, TX, has many cultural sights that one can enjoy during a rehab program at Discovery Point Retreat, such as the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and the Dallas Art Museum. Enjoy a delicious dinner at the many great restaurants such as Macellaio Dallas, Fearing’s Restaurant, and Pecan Lodge.


Your recovery journey and reconnection with God starts with us at Discovery Point Retreat in Dallas, TX. Contact us today at 855.306.8054 for more information.