Private Drug Rehab CenterDrug addiction and substance use disorders are a major public health and safety issue affecting all areas of the United States. Since 2000, over 700,000 people have died from a drug-related overdose. Access to accredited drug rehabilitation centers dedicated to helping those in need overcome substance abuse disorders is more important than ever. For those living with drug and alcohol addiction, having the support and guidance of behavioral health specialists and medical clinicians can help to establish a sober, healthier future.


The prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse across the country has increased demand for addiction services. However, because not all treatment facilities and programs are the same, finding the right program to suit one’s needs is crucial. Private drug rehab centers like Discovery Point Retreat can offer a higher level of direct, effective care for those in need.

What is a Private Drug Rehab Center?

While publicly funded drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are vitally necessary, the high demand and treatment population of these centers can make it difficult to provide the level of care necessary for impactful change. Resources may not be sufficient enough to properly treat all clients, allowing many to fall between the cracks and continue to struggle with substance abuse.


Seeking help through a private drug rehab center can help to secure the level of dedicated care necessary for success in recovery. Private addiction treatment typically includes smaller treatment populations and a more personalized approach to rehabilitation. Treatment through a private facility also offers a greater sense of security and comfort. Confidential care through an independent center allows one to focus on the healing journey of recovery. 


Unlike publicly funded addiction treatment, the cost of private drug rehab may be covered through health insurance or self-pay options. Because addiction is a medical condition affecting one’s physical and mental health, substance abuse treatment is covered through most insurance policies. 

What to Expect in Private Addiction Rehab

Private drug rehab centers like Discovery Point Retreat offer a safe, judgement-free environment for addressing the underlying causes of substance abuse while building a foundation for a sober future. Through evidence-based, client-centered care, these facilities offer guidance in recovery through a full continuum of care. This includes:


As a disorder affecting the body and mind, part of the recovery process includes overcoming the physical dependency of illicit substances. Without the aid of a medically assisted detox, withdrawal symptoms range from uncomfortable to potentially life-threatening. Alcohol withdrawal is especially dangerous, despite the common concept of ‘quitting cold turkey’. 


Medically assisted detox helps address the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal while also addressing related health concerns. For clients with existing health conditions, private drug rehab centers can provide medical support to maintain health and wellness throughout the course of care. 


Therapy is an essential aspect of the recovery process. Without addressing the underlying mental and emotional aspects of addiction, the risk of relapse is high. Evidence-based, client-centered treatment focuses on undoing the negative thought-behavior patterns which foster continued substance abuse. 


At Discovery Point Retreat, our team is well versed in the most effective therapy modalities for addiction recovery. This includes: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Family Therapy 
  • Recreational Therapy 
  • Multimodal Therapy 
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy 
  • 12 Steps

Levels of Care

Determining the proper level of care one needs for long-term success in recovery is important to preventing relapse and establishing a solid foundation for a sober future. Because each client’s recovery journey is unique to their specific needs and experiences, personalized treatment programs at a private drug rehab center provide the most effective approach to care. At Discovery Point Retreat, this extends through all levels of care.


Inpatient: This level of care provides a safe, secure, recovery-focused environment for healing. Ideal for those new to recovery or who may have a history of relapse, inpatient residential rehab removes the external distractions and temptations to allow one to focus on self-discovery and improvement.


Partial Hospitalization: Providing the direct, client-centered treatment of an inpatient program while allowing clients to return home or to a sober living facility each evening, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) are the best of both worlds. This level of care does require greater personal accountability and external support, and may not be suitable for those with a history of relapse, co-occurring mental health disorders, or for whom the home environment is enabling or triggering. 


Intensive Outpatient: Clients in this level of care have a demonstrated ability to remain dedicated to sober living beyond the inpatient environment. Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) often act as a transitional phase between inpatient care and everyday life, but may also be viable for those seeking treatment who cannot commit to residential care. IOPs allow one to tend to work or home obligations while still getting the support and guidance necessary to overcome substance abuse. 


Outpatient: Most often used as a maintenance phase of care, Outpatient Programs (OPs) are flexible and easy to fit into any schedule. With a primary focus on relapse prevention and client empowerment, OPs offer extended support and guidance as well as a sense of community and connection. 

Benefits of Private Drug Rehab

Access to private drug and alcohol addiction treatment can make all the difference in one’s recovery journey. Where government-funded resources may fall short, private rehabilitation is individualized to the needs of each person, ensuring one receives the attention and care they need to succeed.


Finding a private drug rehab center that accepts one’s insurance has other advantages over publicly funded rehab programs.


Privacy: While HIPAA protects one’s personal health records under most circumstances, private drug rehab offers additional privacy in the form of secure, privately-enclosed treatment locations. At Discovery Point Retreat, both inpatient treatment facilities are two-story ranch style houses, not stark and sterile hospitals. This seamless home-like environment both helps to protect your privacy and emulate real life to make the transition into everyday life following treatment easier.


Staff to Client Ratio: Private treatment centers for drug and alcohol abuse are able to control the size of the treatment population more successfully than state-funded rehab programs. Maintaining small populations creates a more favorable staff-to-client ratio. This allows clinicians and behavioral health specialists to take the time to get to know each client’s story and personal needs.


Discovery Point Retreat limits treatment population size so we can better focus on individual client care. Because our programs are personalized, having a team dedicated to monitoring client progress and making adjustments as needed gives our clients the highest possible chance at lasting sobriety.


Amenities: Enriching the recovery experience through access to additional resources and amenities helps to reduce stress and anxiety during treatment, strengthening one’s commitment to change. Discovery Point Retreat provides access to on-site gyms and seasonal swimming pools at both residential locations, as well as access to local nature trails and weekly community outings. We encourage our clients to discover new interests and ways to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Transportation services and case management support in outpatient treatment help to set clients up for long-term success.


Begin the journey of recovery today with Discovery Point Retreat. Our team of addiction specialists is available 24 hours a day to answer questions and provide assistance with insurance coverage verification and admissions. Take back control of your life today– call now!