medical drug rehab in dallas and ellis countiesAll Medical Insurance Should Cover Medical Drug Rehab

There are over 14,500 specialized drug treatment programs In the United States today, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Consider treatment for addiction is the only evidence-based medicine for successful recovery from substance use disorders (SUDs).

One thing to consider is financing for treatment.

In many cases, those with medical insurance find their medical drug rehab covered.

A second consideration is how much of treatment is covered under one’s insurance policy.


Is Addiction a Medical Condition?

Addiction is absolutely a medical condition. According to the American Psychiatric Association, addiction is a complex disease of the brain. It manifests the compulsive desire to abuse addictive substances no matter the consequences.


How Does Addiction Change a Person?

Addiction and substance use disorders change the way one’s thought patterns, self-talk, and interaction skills. Addictive substances change a person’s behaviors, too.

The brain’s wiring is essentially rerouted, meaning it becomes harder to stop using one’s substance of choice.

Brain imaging studies show addiction impacts:

  • Judgment
  • Memory
  • Behavior
  • Learning
  • Decision making

The way the brain senses pleasure, calmness or euphoria.


Does Addiction Need Medical Treatment?


Addiction is a disease, and it is absolutely essential to receive treatment to achieve lifelong sobriety.

Addiction is a medical condition imposing real consequences for your brain and body. Consequences may include incarceration, being separated from loved ones, extreme depression, homelessness, loss of stability, employment, and housing.

Brain damage, damage to organs and other health conditions stem from untreated substance use disorders.


How Do You Know If Your Medical Insurance Will Cover Substance Abuse Treatment?

Call us at Discovery Point Retreat to determine if medical insurance will cover substance abuse treatment!

Our clinicians analyze insurance coverages and pair clients with optimal treatment procedures.

If insurance does not cover the treatment, we can offer different programs and resources to cover the costs associated with treatment.

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medical drug rehab in dallas and ellis countiesWhat Are Some Alternative Ways to Cover the Cost of Detox and Addiction Treatment?

Sometimes, insurance carriers won’t cover the cost of substance abuse treatment.

(We’ll help as much as we can!)

Oftentimes, those who need treatment will not have coverage to fall back on. Alternative methods of covering the cost of detox and addiction treatment saves lives.


Self-Pay for Addiction Treatment

Self-pay is potentially the costliest way to seek detoxification and addiction treatment, because one funds every treatment expense out of pocket.

Ask the facilities about manageable payment plans. Taking out loans and credit cards for treatment is another common method clients use to cover treatment.

Discovery Point Retreat sometimes offers scholarships for treatment.

Inquire now!

Scholarships do not last long!


Getting New Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Health care can be costly, yet combining insurance coverages to minimize out-of-pocket costs is a commonly used tactic to enroll in rehab.

Access waiting periods to receive benefits to time treatment enrollment.

We help clients secure new insurance policies.



Some scholarships are designed to fill in the gaps made by medical insurance.

For example, if insurance covers $5,000 of treatment, but $10,000 worth of treatment remains, one may seek a scholarship to make up the difference. Scholarships are provided to people of low incomes and to those who commit to certain programs.

Different facilities and organizations offer scholarships. Scholarships may be available through:

  • Individual treatment programs
  • Non-profit foundations
  • Corporations
  • Employers
  • Hospitals
  • The State


Financing Drug Rehabilitation

Financing is an excellent way to receive care affordably over time.

Financing works similarly to taking out a loan. Facilities may offer to place clients on payment plans for excess tuition owed. Many financing their own treatment do so through varied methods.

The aforementioned ideas may all be combined to ensure the best possible treatment for both drug use disorders and alcohol addiction. The stigma against addiction treatment prevented many from receiving benefits through their insurance.

This is no longer the case.

2020 is the BEST time for recovery!

Within the past several years health insurance has reformed to cover addiction treatment proportionately with other healthcare treatments.


Can You Get Referrals for Low-Cost Treatment?

It is worth asking for a referral to receive low-cost treatment.

When you call us at Discovery Point Retreat, we’ll talk to you about the low-cost treatment options that we offer and about the programs that may suit your budget.

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