It’s hard for people who have never been addicted to drugs to truly understand how difficult it is to quit. Addiction was once thought of as just poor decision making, but we now understand it to be a mental disorder. Thankfully, the understanding and science behind how to beat an addiction also become abundant. At an accredited rehab facility such as Discovery Point Retreat, you can receive professional treatment for a drug addiction that allows you to break away from the problems of your drug-abusing past.


Our 30-day drug rehab in Dallas, TX, is one that provides the highest level of care for addiction. We understand what it’s like to be addicted to drugs such as meth, heroin, cocaine, and prescription drugs. You don’t need to fear your withdrawal symptoms or what life might be like without drug abuse. Our addiction treatment services at Discovery Point Retreat can help to rebuild your life and teach you the techniques and skills needed to overcome your substance use disorder for good.


Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Dallas

At Discovery Point Retreat in Dallas, Texas, we can provide care and treatments based on the proven behavioral therapies and alternative treatment methods that are effective at beating addiction.

Your recovery journey with us starts with a thorough assessment. This allows our healthcare practitioners to tailor-make your treatment plan. Personalized care is further emphasized due to our favorable staff-to-patient ratio.


Once we have determined the best way that we can help you overcome your addiction, then you can start with your personalized treatment. Most treatment plans will start with medical detox. This medically assisted detoxification is what will help to reduce your withdrawal symptoms and make them manageable. There is no need to fear withdrawal in our medical detox program.


After detox, which usually lasts for around a week, you will delve into the various behavioral therapies that will ultimately help you to change negative behavior, improve your coping skills, and motivate you to achieve long-term sobriety. It can also be the place where you can safely work through traumatic events in your life, and any other issue that may be attributed to your addiction triggers.


Where Can I Find Help for Drug Addiction in Dallas, TX?

Are you from the Dallas, TX, area and are seeking effective addiction treatment? Allow Discovery Point Recovery to be your gateway to a new life that is free from the problems of substance abuse. Our rehab facility in Dallas is equipped with both residential and outpatient services.


As a resident of Dallas, you can take advantage of our intensive outpatient programs that can be your catalyst to positive change. Discovery Point Retreat in Dallas can also be an out-of-state treatment solution if you stay at our residential facilities.


What is Drug Rehab Like?

While the experience of addiction may lead you to one of the lowest points in your life, through our accredited treatment programs, you can begin to heal and recover from what the addiction has taken from your life. Joy, satisfaction, and happiness can be a part of your life again even after stopping the abuse of a drug.


The experience of our rehab is one that will be life-changing for you. Through our compassionate support and evidence-based treatment programs, you can reach a new plateau of experience that is free from substance abuse and the many problems it causes.


What to Expect at Discovery Point Retreat

At Discovery Point Retreat, you can expect to be met by exceptionally caring healthcare practitioners and staff. We welcome each person into our programs with open arms and understanding because we know the difficulties involved with being addicted and understand the bravery it takes to seek professional help.


You can expect to take part in either a residential or outpatient treatment program at Discovery Point Retreat. We know that everyone’s life is different, and we provide different treatment settings to ensure that our client’s individual needs don’t prevent treatment, such as the need to take care of your family or go to work.


For people with responsibilities that cannot be placed on hold, our outpatient services have everything you need to break the cycle of substance abuse and improve your life. If you are interested in staying with us in our residential programs in Dallas, then you can enjoy our residential facility where your healing takes precedence over other things in your life such as drug-abusing friends.


Why Discovery Point Retreat?

Our treatment facility in Dallas, TX, is an ideal place to recover from addiction. This is due to the many evidence-based therapies that we offer, and our whole-patient approach to treatment. Our rehab facility has also been fully accredited by the Joint Commission, which ensures our high level of care.


Our staff strives to maintain this high level of care that we provide for drug addictions. Through our specialized treatment programs, you can effectively recover and claim back what addiction has taken from you and your loved one’s lives. We are there to support you through your entire recovery journey.


Sober-Friendly Attractions near Dallas

If you are planning on staying with us at our residential facility in Dallas, TX, then during rehab outings or family visits, you can explore the unique offerings that Dallas has. The area is known for its rich cultural activities such as the Kalita Humphreys Theater.


Everything is bigger in Dallas. The massive Arts District is a place where you can enjoy 20 square blocks’ worth of cultural attractions. Alternatively, you can enjoy a walk through many of the beautiful parks such as the Klyde Warren Park or dine at the popular restaurants such as Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Café 43, and Rodeo Goat.


Do not allow another day to go by where you have to deal with the fallout of your addiction. Get in touch with Discovery Point Retreat today at 855.306.8054 to find out how our supportive, accredited services for addiction treatment can help you or a loved one.