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Drug Rehab Is the Answer to Recovering from Addiction and Substance Abuse

One of the largest barriers in getting help for a substance use disorder (SUD) is the stigma associated with addiction.

Addiction was once thought of as poor decision making, but neuroscience asserts addiction is a mental health disorder and disturbs the brain’s natural cognitive functioning ability.

Thankfully, addiction medicine exploded.

Now more than ever is the time to commit to a drug rehab to overcome the debilitating effects of an untreated substance use disorder. Those who forgo treatment are in mortal danger of overdose, losing one’s livelihood, complications with law enforcement, hurting oneself, causing irrevocable damage to both the brain and body, and alienating close friends, family members, and children.

The list goes on.

Evidence-based drug treatment is the cornerstone of treatment at Discovery Point Retreat. We understand the battle with addiction better than anyone else, because many of us have triumphed over our substance use disorders.

If we can, so can you, a loved one, or someone suffering in your charge. Getting the help one needs is critical in avoiding exacerbating undiagnosed medical and psychological conditions. The longer one waits for treatment, the more extreme one’s symptoms increase and one’s recovery prognosis becomes increasingly intensive.

It’s time to act NOW.

Ensure Accreditation for All Recovery Centers Considered for Treatment

Choosing a drug rehab may seem daunting at first. The anxiety caused by the sheer number of rehabilitation programs, varied treatment modalities, and selecting a location near Dallas delays treatment enrollment for many.

But it doesn’t have to.

When selecting drug rehab centers in the search for sobriety, first and foremost confirm the facility heralds accreditation. Accreditation guarantees the recovery facility in question adheres to all federal and state laws applicable to providing substance abuse treatment; this affords clients the best in addiction treatment and avoids relapse resulting from poor treatment quality from non accredited facilities.

Attempting to achieve sobriety on one’s own is dangerous – although many attempt to recover in rented hotel rooms with great intentions. Unfortunately, without adequate care, withdrawal symptoms are sometimes fatal. In many cases of self-attempted drug detoxification and “treatment,” life is lost, and the rates of drug related deaths continue climbing.


But Is Drug Rehab Really Necessary?

At Discovery Point Retreat in Dallas, Texas, we provide continuous care and evidence-based treatment modalities to combat addiction. Throughout treatment clients learn to channel cravings until they are no longer experienced, learn to control intense emotions, recover from the underlying causes of depression and anxiety, and learn how to revitalize their lives!

Clients who complete our evidence-based substance abuse programs are stimulated not only in the context of becoming sober, but an extensive aftercare plan to progress clients further than they were before treatment began. Key parts of our individually crafted aftercare plans include establishing healthy hobbies, reigniting passions, communicating effectively with one’s environment, continuing academic pursuits, and moving towards a fulfilling profession.

We begin with a thorough assessment. This allows our healthcare practitioners to tailor-make your treatment plan. Personalized care is our emphasis. Each client experiences addiction differently. Symptoms, temperaments, underlying traumas, biases and perceptions are considered in the creation of continuing care.

Discovery Point Retreat understands the importance of a low staff-to-patient ratio for effective treatment. Drug rehabilitation is necessary to overcome addiction because substance use disorders are multifaceted, commingling with complication in the psychological, physical, emotional, and physiological spheres.

Addiction medicine is akin to any medical treatment: it only works if you commit to the process. Unlike medical disabilities, we cannot see the underlying causes of addiction; substance use disorders are symptoms of deep seated psychological distress.

Drug rehab reveals the best way to become sober, and treats the physical and mental state of the disease.

Addiction treatment is necessary to survive; the alternative is unacceptable.

Get help now!

Drug Rehab Begins with Detoxification of Addictive Substances

A little-realized barrier to getting treatment for addiction is the massive swell of anxiety many feel when contemplating going through detoxification. During medical detox clients are separated from their substances of choice for the first time. The trepidation surrounding the detoxification phase of treatment revolves oft anticipated withdrawal symptoms, ranging from mild to severe consequence:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Hallucinations
  • Auditory Hallucinations
  • Hypnagogic Hallucinations (Phantom sensations)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Acute Paranoia
  • Shut Down of Bodily Functions
  • Impaired Breathing
  • Hot Flashes
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Irritability
  • Mood Swings
  • Unbearable Cravings

Rehabilitation begins with inpatient medical detoxification. Medically-assisted detoxification reduces withdrawal symptoms and makes the highs and lows of withdrawal manageable. Discovery Point Retreat’s medical detoxification program is performed in a drug rehab center where clients remain between ten and fourteen days.

The entirety of detox treatment is performed in a 24-hour medically monitored facility to ensure client safety in a drug-free environment.

During detox, clients should expect to meet with medical professionals for a fully body panel. Outstanding health conditions are accessed and treated. Many clients are referred to outside specialists including dentists, cardiovascular specialists, gastroenterologists, and infectious disease specialists.

drug rehab, drug rehab center in dallas ellis countiesWhat Treatment to Expect During Drug Rehab

After detox, clients delve into various evidence-based behavioral therapies. Discovery Point Retreat combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with the multi-modal modality. Essentially this means treatment includes extensive exploration of traumas and the underbelly of addiction.

Each treatment plan is crafted on a client-to-client basis. Recovery plans evolve over time and are created with both addiction professionals and clients together. Treatment focuses both on cognitive therapy and inner transformation through reacclimation of interest, wonder, and ambition to create a meaningful life. Our treatment includes total wellness of emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Substance abuse treatment requires active participation on our clients’ parts. Our addiction specialists include doctors, therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, case managers, and treatment staff; all are dedicated to helping clients transform maladaptive behaviors, elevate one’s state of being, recognize one’s meaning in life, derive joy, and reestablish meaningful relationships with loved ones!

These feats are achieved through intensive one-on-one therapy and group therapy throughout the full continuum of addiction care. There are three stages of treatment including detoxification, inpatient or residential addiction treatment and outpatient programs.

Enroll in drug rehab!


Inpatient and Residential Recovery Is the Brunt of Treatment

The majority of addiction medicine is conducted in a 24-hour medically monitored inpatient program. Residential drug treatment is identical to inpatient care. During treatment clients undergo the bulk of cognitive behavioral therapy to resolve inner turmoil, learn effective coping skills, develop self soothing techniques, foster resiliency, and take care of daily responsibilities.

The causes of addiction are many, some rooted in genetics, others in environment- and for many, it is both. However, the same deficiencies are commonly noted in persons with depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders:

  • Disconnection from One’self
  • Disconnection from Society
  • Disconnection from the Body
  • Disconnection from Fulfilling Work
  • Unstable Relationship Bonds
  • Unstable Environments

Discovery Point Retreat’s approach to drug rehab guides clients through all facets of caring for the entire spirit through recovery. Clients reestablish connection with the outerworld and work to share their experiences with others. During treatment group therapy facilitates the development of empathy for oneself, peers, and professionals.

We provide a safe environment of healing and understanding. Although addiction treatment is evidence-based with lofty research endeavours continuing to expand our understanding of the disease, we believe a kind touch restores vitality, empowerment, and one’s sense of self.

Though treatment is at-time rigorous, we are here for our clients every step of the way. Our inpatient facilities house clients from 30 to 120 days. Treatment duration depends on one’s severity of addiction and ingrained maladaptive behaviors. Those with long-term substance abuse problems typically need more recovery time when compared to those who seek treatment early.

Though this is not 100% true all of the time.

The faster one pursues treatment, the higher one’s success chances soar!

Call for a treatment plan!


Living On Your Own: Outpatient Drug Rehab

Once clients complete inpatient rehabilitation they continue their journey to sobriety on an outpatient basis. Unlike inpatient rehab, outpatient drug rehab allows clients to return home, attend to professional and academic needs, and see their loved ones without visitation restrictions.

Outpatient substance abuse treatment continues to develop the progression of healthy skill development, and begins to manifest one’s occupational goals. Case managers help clients return to the workforce, and often encourage successful clients to begin their own journey to teaching others how to remain sober.

Alike inpatient treatment, clients continue cognitive behavioral treatment, and are encouraged to expand recreational treatment endeavours for cathartic expression and healthy hobby development. Learning to keep busy, remaining focused, and completing goals are tangible benefits developed from completing an outpatient program.

Outpatient treatment rounds out rehabilitation to ensure clients are not thrust into real-world scenarios of potential abuse without support. During treatment clients share real-life triggers and scenarios, receiving advice from their trusted therapist on how to stay the course and channel negative angst positively.

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drug rehab, drug rehab center in dallas ellis countiesWhy Discovery Point Retreat in Dallas?

Our treatment facility in Dallas, Texas, is an ideal treatment center to recover from addiction. Our evidence-based therapies and our whole-patient approach to treatment makes us stand out. Discovery Point Retreat is fully accredited by the Joint Commission, ensuring the highest level of care.

Our specialists are dedicated to balancing both medical care and therapeutic treatment to ensure the total wellness of all clients. Treatment modalities are client based and customized to address one’s specific conditions, including co-occuring mental health disorders.

There is no shame in pursuing drug rehab. Addiction is a disease like any other. Recovery is only possible when one commits to treatment. The nature of addiction medicine is the same as anyone else suffering from a medical disease.

The stigma of addiction kills.

Neglecting addiction medicine is often fatal.

Discovery Point Retreat is here. We’re listening.

Get help now!