Discovery Point Retreat near Dallas, Texas provides a range of detox and rehab programs designed to suit your individual needs. One such program is our partial hospitalization program (PHP). In a partial hospitalization program, you receive the same therapies and services as you do during residential treatment at Discovery Point Retreat. But these programs take place while providing you with greater freedom to continue meeting your work and home needs.

Understanding whether a PHP in Dallas, TX suits your treatment needs comes from an addiction assessment and specifics of your drug or alcohol history. Talking to a counselor at Discovery Point Retreat helps you make the right decisions to ensure your best chance for lasting recovery. For some people, a partial hospitalization program in Dallas, TX is the right fit, whereas others may need intensive outpatient treatment, a residential program, or a combination of these methods.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

The partial hospitalization program of Discovery Point Retreat differs slightly from other rehab facilities in Dallas, TX. These differences exist in the program’s structure and how it fits into the continuum of care.

Your continuum of care likely involves medical detox first. This detox takes place at Discovery Point Retreat before rehab begins. Although your clinical treatment professionals know your needs before you enter the program, detox also enables them to more fully understand your specific and unique treatment needs. Through this understanding, your individualized treatment plan takes shape.

A cookie-cutter treatment plan does not really exist. One person’s journey and experiences differ from any other person’s journey through addiction and into recovery. Maybe your treatment includes time in a residential rehab setting, or maybe you cannot take this time and need treatment while continuing to live at home.

Discovery Point Retreat offers a PHP in Dallas, TX as a bridge between the intensive setting of residential rehab and your life at home. Many people need a partial hospitalization program with dual diagnosis care for co-occurring mental health disorders. Others may have suffered a relapse after prior rehab treatment and need to rebuild their recovery. Whatever your reason is for needing highly-focused treatment, a partial hospitalization program in Dallas, TX can meet your needs without taking you away from your home, job, or family.

What Does a Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas, TX Include?

Despite taking place without living at the treatment facility, your partial hospitalization program still employs evidence-based methods and therapies. You receive the support you need, including an individualized treatment plan. With our low client to patient ratio, you never have to worry about not getting the level of care you need. Even though you do not live at the facility, you’ll still get to enjoy amenities like recreation therapy, an outdoor pool, and a serene setting.

Our partial hospitalization program in Dallas, TX includes:

Is an Outpatient Partial Hospitalization Program Right for my Needs?

Discovery Point Retreat’s caring counselors help you understand whether outpatient partial hospitalization treatment is right for you. You undergo a complete addiction assessment, including a medical and mental health evaluation. This is where your individualized treatment planning starts, even before a medical detox program. After your evaluations, you learn about the best treatment options for your brightest future.

Discovery Point’s partial hospitalization program in Dallas, TX provides outpatient freedoms. But they still help you stay focused on your biggest goal, that of a healthy recovery. As part of this focus, you attend five group meetings and therapies weekly. You also enjoy the benefits of ongoing support, case management, and access to mental health professionals.

For some people, a partial hospitalization program does not provide the right fit. This often means residential treatment is a better choice. In a residential setting, you have 24-hour, around the clock access to support, care, and supervision.

Residential treatment helps you avoid triggers and temptations that put your sobriety at risk during the earliest days of recovery. At the same time, you learn how to cope with your stressors and rebuild a healthier life. Many people begin rehab in a residential program then transition into partial hospitalization treatment as they develop coping skills and stability for a real chance of sustained recovery.

Discovery Point Retreat Designs Your Treatment to Meet Your Needs

As an individual, you receive the individualized treatment you need at Discovery Point Retreat in Waxahachie, TX. Whether your journey includes a partial hospitalization program is a question best answered by clinical treatment professionals. Call Discovery Point Retreat now at [Direct] to learn how to start meeting your needs for lasting recovery today.