Partial Hospitalization ProgramDiscovery Point Retreat is a comprehensive addiction treatment provider offering the full continuum of care in the Dallas, TX metropolitan area. One such program is our partial hospitalization program (PHP). In this outpatient level of care clients receive the same therapies and services as in residential treatment at Discovery Point Retreat without the requiring 24 hour conservation. Partial hospitalization programs are traditionally a transitional phase of care between residential and outpatient treatment. This treatment option may also be beneficial for clients who are unable to commit to inpatient care for any number of reasons.

Determining whether a PHP program in Dallas, TX suits one’s treatment needs begins with a comprehensive assessment with a licensed clinician or recovery specialist. At Discovery Point Retreat, our team of compassionate behavioral health professionals take the time to understand each client’s personal experiences to develop a treatment plan specific to their needs. This information is used to determine if a partial hospitalization program is the appropriate course of care or rather one may benefit from alternative arrangements.

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

The partial hospitalization program of Discovery Point Retreat differs from other rehab facilities in Dallas, TX. Our person-centered approach means we use client progress as a metric for success, not duration of care or outdated, standardized benchmarks. By maintaining a focus on the person and their individual betterment, we give clients a better chance at long-term success in recovery.

Following the full continuum of care offers the greatest chance of lasting sobriety. For those new to the recovery journey, addressing the physical aspects of addiction may be necessary. Medically assisted detox at Discovery Point Retreat makes the transition into recovery a safe and comfortable process. From here, entering an inpatient residential rehab program can help to enforce one’s commitment to sobriety by beginning the process of addressing the underlying causes of drug and alcohol abuse. Long-term support through outpatient levels of care can help extend the support and guidance of inpatient treatment while allowing one to explore sober living.

However, not all recovery journeys follow a linear path. Relapse and false starts are nothing to be ashamed of; being able to seek help to reaffirm one’s commitment to recovery can be vital. For those who have prior experience in recovery or who may need extra support in a moment of vulnerability, starting completely over may not be necessary. Often, a PHP program or similar level of care can provide the help required to get back on track.

Discovery Point Retreat offers a partial hospitalization program in Dallas, TX as an intermittent stage between inpatient rehabilitation and everyday life. Whether clients are transitioning back into society following residential care or returning for extra support, we are fully prepared to meet clients where they are and help them on the journey ahead.

What Does a Partial Hospitalization Program in Dallas, TX Include?

Discovery Point Retreat’s partial hospitalization program offers the same level of direct care provided during inpatient treatment without requiring overnight residency. Clients participate in group dynamic therapy and individual counseling sessions to address the psychological aspects of addiction. By maintaining a low client-to-staff ratio we ensure each person gets the care and attention they need for success. PHP program clients also have access to supplemental programs such as 12 Steps and SMART Recovery.

Our partial hospitalization program in Dallas, TX includes:

Is an Outpatient Partial Hospitalization Program Right for Me?

Discovery Point Retreat understands that addiction recovery treatment is not one size fits all. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced behavioral health specialists can help determine the proper course of care for each client. Following a thorough mental health evaluation and physical exam, we walk clients through their treatment options to help them choose the path that’s right for them.

At Discovery Point Retreat, our PHP program is designed to extend the support and guidance of inpatient treatment while allowing the freedom to return home or to a sober living facility each night. This level of treatment relies heavily on one’s ability to remain focused on recovery and maintaining sobriety outside of the rehab environment. External support systems and personal accountability are vital to the success of a PHP program, especially for those in the early stages of recovery. Clients in the partial hospitalization program receive 8 hours of therapy a day, five days a week, but may continue tending to home obligations, attending school, or other responsibilities.

Partial hospitalization programs may not be the right fit for some clients. Some may find the 24 continuous support of a residential program more beneficial, especially for those who are new to the recovery process. Residential treatment helps clients focus inward on the healing process by eliminating external distractions, temptations, and triggers. During this time, clients also focus on building the foundation for a sober future through life skills training and other forms of empowerment. Clients may then transition into the partial hospitalization program as part of the reintegration process back into everyday life.

Discovery Point Retreat: Personalized Treatment to Meet Your Needs

At Discovery Point Retreat, we recognize the path to recovery is different for everyone. That’s why our focus is always on the person, not the disease. By taking the time to truly understand each client’s story and journey thus far, we are able to identify and address the underlying causes of addiction to begin the healing process for lasting sobriety. We walk our clients through every step of the journey ahead, going above and beyond the call of duty. As part of our recovery family, clients have access to our alumni support network and resources to ensure their new sober life starts on the best foot possible.

Addiction doesn’t have to control your life for one more day. Take the first step in your recovery journey and call us today.