Intensive Outpatient ProgramWhat comes after residential rehab? Almost all clients at Discovery Point Retreat enroll in our intensive outpatient program (IOP). It protects early sobriety. Besides that, it sets you up for success as you continue the next step of your journey.

Understanding the Importance of an Intensive Outpatient Program

As a brand-new client, you typically sign up for our medical detox program. It’s an excellent opportunity to withdrawal from a substance safely and without pain. The entire process takes about a week. After you wake up and don’t experience withdrawal symptoms, you know that you’re ready for rehab.

Transitioning to residential rehab is the next step. You now learn how to break the psychological addiction to a drug or alcohol. For most clients, this process takes about 30 days. After this time, you’re ready for the intensive outpatient program Dallas, TX counts on.

Our IOP focuses on relapse prevention. You’re now ready to return home or find an apartment. You want to live independently, but you know that triggers and stressors can happen. Throughout your therapy, you are preparing yourself for this step.

Finally, program graduation is here. The intensive outpatient program Dallas, TX residents count on now becomes a safety net. It sets you up for success. Possible approaches include:

  • One-on-one therapy that offers guidance as you take the next step in your journey of recovery
  • Drug testing at the intensive outpatient program Dallas, TX offers, which encourages positive peer pressure and accountability
  • Group therapy as a tool for peer accountability and counseling
  • Life skills support that includes helping you get cash assistance to get back on your feet
  • Ongoing behavioral counseling that deals with the real-life triggers and stressors you currently experience

The Support You Need When You Need It

The IOP at Discovery Point Retreat emphasizes a hands-off approach. After all, you just recently graduated from rehab. However, our intensive outpatient program in Dallas, TX is always there for you. The goal is the success of your early sobriety period.

Right now, you’re the most vulnerable to relapse. You navigate a return home. Maybe you’re dealing with a peer group that previously encouraged substance abuse. You implement the social skills that you learned during rehab.

Even so, temptations can become too strong. That’s why enrollment in the intensive outpatient program Dallas, TX residents trust is vital. You know that you’re just a few short hours away from a therapy session. You can hold on this long.

Besides that, the support is there for you. Therapists answer your call and talk you through the situations you’re facing. Similarly, peer counseling is a fantastic way of leveraging peer accountability in times of temptation.

Relapse Prevention Training Begins on Day One of Rehab

Enrolling in an IOP isn’t a new concept. In fact, you learn about this program on day one of inpatient rehab. That’s because it’s an integral aspect of relapse prevention. The longer you stay sober after you initially graduate from the program, the better your odds of long-term sobriety.

Assisting you with this goal are the treatments you undergo during rehab. They might include:

  • Behavioral counseling that helps you design workable coping strategies
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for clients with co-occurring mood disorders
  • Trauma treatment that lets you reprocess a trigger situation from the past
  • Family counseling that encourages you to reopen avenues of communication
  • Process groups that let you work through specific situations and dilemmas with peer support

The intensive outpatient program Dallas, TX offers on builds on this treatment. You’ll expand on the coping strategies. Now you need workable solutions for real-life problems as they crop up. Moreover, our IOP in Dallas, TX also focuses on a shift in peer groups.

Now, the groups take on a supportive setup. It’s no longer just about theoretical situations. You now use the groups as sounding boards.

Find out more about the Discovery Point Retreat intensive outpatient program. It’s the intensive outpatient program Dallas, TX locals enroll in after rehab. For you, it could make the difference between relapse and long-term sobriety. Call 855-306-8054 now.