If overcoming drug and alcohol addiction was easy, millions of Americans would be able to quit using and never look back. However, getting clean is often difficult, even when you desperately want to leave substance abuse behind you. The right addiction treatment programs can help you achieve and maintain sobriety. The types of programs you’ll find at an addiction treatment center in Dallas, TX varies from facility to facility, but the best treatment plans focus on your unique needs.

Addiction Treatment Programs at Discovery Point Retreat

We want to meet you at whatever phase of your recovery journey you are in. For this reason, Discovery Point Retreat offers several different types of addiction treatment programs. Some of those programs include:

Rehab isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal, and it shouldn’t be. While some evidence-based practices are widely used, the most effective treatment tailors care to the individual. This is why our team develops a comprehensive treatment plan, customized to meet your unique needs. Our addiction treatment programs are designed to do address your root causes of substance abuse, teach you productive and healthy coping skills for negative emotions and situations, identify your triggers and stressors, and give you tools for relapse prevention. In addition, we know your journey does not end when you leave treatment. Discovery Point Retreat has a large alumni network that you become a part of when you leave us and this support system helps you maintain your newfound sobriety.

Texas-Based Addiction Treatment

Discovery Point Retreat has several locations in and around Dallas, TX. Our Waxahachie and Ennis locations sit atop secluded, picturesque ranches and our Dallas location is conveniently located for those who want to slowly transition back into everyday life.

Texas is an ideal setting to begin recovery. The beautiful scenery allows our clients to enjoy our seasonal fishing pond and hiking trails during the day, and relax by our outdoor fire pit in the evening. In addition, our staff organizes optional weekend outings to Dallas and Arlington where our clients can go to arcades or sporting events. We want you to experience everything clean and sober living has to offer.

Contact Discovery Point Retreat Today

Those who join us at Discovery Point Retreat have a greater chance of long-term success because we understand that the journey does not end at discharge. We know how vital continued support and guidance can be during this vulnerable time. Discovery Point Retreat is a part of Niznik Behavioral Health, and our facilities are fully accredited by the Joint Commission.

If you or your loved one is seeking treatment, consider reaching out to Discovery Point Retreat. Whether this is your first time enrolling in treatment or you are returning after experiencing a relapse, our team is dedicated to giving you the best chance at sustainable, lifelong sobriety. At Discovery Point Retreat, you’ll be able to reflect and focus solely on your recovery. To learn more about our addiction treatment programs, contact Discovery Point Retreat today by calling [Direct].