frequently asked questions, drug and alcohol abuse rehab information

Does DPR take medical insurance?

Yes. At Discovery Point Retreat, we do accept most major medical insurance plans. Recent legislation has made it mandatory for insurance providers to pay for drug and alcohol treatment. That said, you should still verify your insurance benefits and any potential restrictions. Three ways you can do this are:

  • Call and speak with an insurance representative to see if we are a preferred provider. Ask what type of treatment they cover, for how long, and how much deductibles or copays will be
  • Speak with one of our admissions representatives, who can assist you in verifying your coverage and provide information on other payment options
  • Use our online insurance verification form


Does DPR take Medicaid?

Unfortunately, Medicaid doesn’t provide coverage for treatment at Discovery Point Retreat. However, there are alternative ways you can pay for your treatment. If you can afford it, there’s the option of paying out-of-pocket. If possible, seeking aid from family members or friends can help cover the cost of care, which you can repay later. My Treatment Lender, credit cards, and traditional banks may also cover the cost of treatment.


Does DPR use the 12 Step Program?

At Discovery Point Retreat, we provide an optional 12-step program as one of our treatment modalities. We combine cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) with the spiritual elements from the 12-steps to help you achieve long-term sobriety. During your time at DPR, you will learn the guiding principles of the 12-steps alongside other individuals receiving treatment.


Does DPR provide Non 12 Step Program treatments?

Our treatment programs are tailored to your individual needs, so the 12 step program may not be suitable for everyone. Our 12-step based programs are completely optional for all clients. Other modalities include:


Does DPR provide rehab programs for couples?

We understand that substance abuse among couples is a common reality. For this reason, we provide rehab programs for couples. Our treatment programs focus on healing both as individuals and together as a supportive unit. This includes group and individual therapy sessions as well as couple’s counseling. While we do have co-ed housing at our facilities, couples may not reside together during the course of care.


Does DPR provide rehab programs specific to women?

While Discovery Point Retreat is a co-ed, we do provide gender-specific support groups and resources to provide a safe space for all. We are also an LGBTQ+ informed treatment facility, providing a safe space for addressing issues related to gender identity and sexuality.


Does DPR provide long-term rehab?

The duration of one’s treatment program is personalized depending on individual need. Because Discovery Point Retreat provides a full continuum of care, we can support the long-term rehab needs of all clients. This includes outpatient programs, which extend support and guidance beyond residential care. During these programs, we focus on relapse prevention and giving you the tools needed for long-term success in recovery.


Does DPR provide weekend alcohol rehab?

There are no weekend specific treatment programs at Discovery Point Retreat, but we do offer day and evening outpatient treatment services to fit your schedule. This allows one to maintain everyday responsibilities while continuing on the journey of recovery. Telehealth services are also available for those who may benefit from this treatment alternative.


frequently asked questions, drug and alcohol abuse rehab information