Rehab Amenities in Dallas

While addiction can be treated through a clinical approach, it doesn’t mean that a rehab should be devoid of amenities. Having amenities and additional services in rehab can help to improve your overall experience and the healing that you undergo. Our rehab amenities in Dallas at Discovery Point Retreat, combined with our comprehensive treatment programs, can enhance your recovery.


At Discovery Point Retreat, we closely follow all of the key principals of effective treatment, as outlined by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. These include effective treatment strategies and services including a whole-patient treatment approach that addresses additional needs such as co-occurring mental disorders, creating tailor-made treatment plans for each recovering person, and providing medically-assisted detoxification among others.


Combined with these effective ways to help you overcome a substance use disorder, our rehab amenities in Dallas, TX, create a comprehensive treatment and healing experience.


With substance use disorder becoming such a wide-spread problem in the United States, accredited treatment services such as the programs available at Discovery Point Retreat become essential. According to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 14.8 million Americans were affected by alcohol use disorder while a further 8.1 million people were dealing with substance use disorder.


Reach out to Discovery Point Retreat today to take advantage of our rehab amenities in Dallas along with our fully accredited treatment services for drug and alcohol addiction.


What are Rehab Amenities?

Our rehab amenities in Dallas, Texas, refers to the additional services and bonus features that we offer at Discovery Point Retreat. As with any type of service, you have a choice about what extras you’d like to be included.


Our rehab services are no different; you can take advantage of our comprehensive treatment programs that are equipped with amenities and bonus features that can enhance your overall experience.


Rehab amenities in Dallas are essentially the extra services and features that are included in your treatment program. For example, you may opt for a private room, catered meals, game rooms, and even spa days. All these rehab amenities in Dallas, TX, combine with our behavioral therapies and treatments to create a profound, life-changing experience.


What is the Purpose of Rehab Amenities?

The purpose of our rehab amenities in Dallas is to improve your experience. Every additional service and feature that we offer help you in your recovery in some way. While they may not help you as much as behavioral therapy would, when these amenities and bonus features are used in conjunction with the comprehensive treatment programs that we offer, it can help you to heal and promote long-term sobriety.


Do Rehab Centers with Amenities Have Private Rooms?

A part of our rehab amenities in Dallas is providing you with a private room. Your room will be fully furnished with all the things that can help to make you comfortable during your residential rehab program. Having your own room also means that you will always have a quiet place to relax and contemplate intense therapy sessions and how you plan to move ahead with your recovery.


We also provide you with game rooms that have an Xbox to keep you entertained between important treatments. Since it is a shared space, it can provide you with a time to bond with other people in recovery.

Do Rehabs with Amenities Have On-Site Chefs?

At Discovery Point Retreat, one of the added benefits that we offer is meals prepared by on-site chefs. You can expect to be served catered meals by our on-site chefs that not only help you to naturally detox and provide you with the energy you need to heal, but the meals provided are delicious.


Since the meals that we prepare are on par with restaurant food, and because we want to have your family involved in your recovery, you may have your family join you for a meal over special occasions. Any special event such as your birthday or holidays such as Christmas can be enjoyed with your family over a delicious meal while in our inpatient rehab program.


Do Rehabs with Amenities Offer Exercise Programs?

An important part of some people’s recovery is a healthy exercise. For example, if you suffer from chronic back pain, which may be a part of the cause of your substance abuse, then exercise can help you to manage the pain naturally. Exercise is also important because it can help you to reduce cravings after detox and can also improve your overall mood.


Due to these benefits and more, we offer exercise in our on-site gym. You can exercise at your leisure or join in on one of the weekly guided exercise programs conducted by a professional trainer or partake in the yoga classes that are offered. It will be up to you if you’d like to gain the benefit of exercise in recovery; it isn’t a mandatory program.


Sober-Friendly Attractions near Dallas

At our rehab in Dallas, TX, you will be exposed to some new activities during your time in our residential program. For example, we offer nature trail walks and fishing. These are designed to help you to explore new, sober-friendly activities that you can enjoy. Dallas, Texas, has many sober-friendly activities that you can focus on as a part of your long-term sobriety maintenance.


Dallas is hub for culture. Visit the Dallas Museum of Art or the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Enjoy supporting local sport teams such as the Dallas Mavericks or the Dallas Cowboys. Take a walk through the flora at Klyde Warren Park or the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.


If you would like to overcome substance use disorder, then reach out to Discovery Point Retreat today at 855.306.8054. We are standing by to take your call and assist you through our comprehensive treatment programs.