Recreational Therapy

One of the first forms of learning we experience in life is through play. Recreational therapy feeds on that basic principle, using it to help unearth the deeper rooted issues behind substance abuse and instill newer, beneficial coping mechanisms in its place. At Discovery Point Retreat, recreational therapy includes art, animal, music, and dance therapy as a means of expression. These mediums for self-care add to your assortment of new life skills and coping techniques, giving you options for maintaining your sobriety.

Recreational therapy is also a means of self-exploration. Learning what you enjoy and what helps you maintain your mental health without relying on illicit substances is paramount to long-term success. Rather than harboring pain and allowing it to fester, recreational therapies give you a safe and positive means of expressing them fully without threatening your commitments. Finding ways to stay entertained and have fun without needing drugs or alcohol further strengthens the foundation of your recovery.

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