12 Steps Treatment

The most widely known means of maintaining a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle is the 12 steps, made famous by programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The 12 step doctrine emphasizes the healing capabilities of spiritual enlightenment. By founding and nurturing a relationship with God, the 12 steps teaches you to trust in a higher power to find self-love and forgiveness. By following that guiding light of faith, the 12 steps helps you build the foundation for your bright, new future!

Under the 12 steps, you learn to surrender your attachments to past faults and shortcomings, accept light and healing through Christ, and restore yourself to the rightful path. Discovery Point Retreat emphasizes these benefits through 12 step group support, off-site chapel services, daily biblical teachings, and more. Rather you are strengthening your bond with a higher power or establishing one for the first time, the 12 steps program adds a depth and meaning to your life that may have felt unfulfilled before.

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