Outpatient Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The journey of addiction recovery is not the same for everyone. While many people may benefit from traditional inpatient treatment programs, others are unable to put life on hold for a number of reasons. Financial responsibilities and family obligations shouldn’t stand in the way of your journey to better your life through addiction recovery. That’s why Discovery Point offers outpatient PHP programs to provide a bridge between your daily responsibilities and access to life-changing care.

What is Outpatient PHP?

Outpatient Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is specially designed to provide the support and guidance you need to overcome a substance abuse disorder. Discovery Point PHP caters specifically to clients with co-occurring mental health disorders, a history of relapse, or other factors which make them good candidates for a more concentrated level of care.

Our outpatient partial hospitalization programs are designed utilizing evidence-based methods of treatment, providing support where you need it most. Because our focus is on you as an individual, your PHP plan is personalized to help you achieve your goals in and beyond recovery. We aim to address the unique challenges of each client to help build a firm foundation for a successful future. This includes:

- Medication management and education

- Case management support

- Intensive personal therapy sessions

- Dynamic group therapy

- Community resources for aftercare

- Optional enrichment programs

How Do I Know If Outpatient PHP is Right for Me?

Upon admission to Discovery Point, you will receive a full evaluation by our medical and mental health professionals to determine your needs in treatment. During this time, our well-educated addiction specialists will design a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs, including a partial hospitalization course of care if necessary. These programs offer extra support throughout the recovery process as you reconnect with yourself and grow into a healthier and happier person. Partial Hospitalization Programs like those offered through Discovery Point are here to help make sure your first step into sobriety is your best step.

Even though you are in an outpatient program, you still need continuous care and support to secure your recovery journey. Outpatient Partial Hospitalization Programs help you remain focused through an intensive schedule of 5 group meetings and therapy sessions each week. Discovery Point also provides additional support resources as you need it, including supplemental assistance through our case management team and mental health professionals. Our only goal is to help you accomplish your full potential through empowerment and renewal.

Discovery Point Outpatient PHP for Your Future

Don’t allow life to stand in the way of your self-discovery and growth. At Discovery Point we understand that it’s not always possible to put everything on hold to pursue recovery, but that doesn’t make it impossible. You can continue working, taking care of your family and other responsibilities, and build the foundation for the future you want and deserve! We are here to help guide and support you every step of the way. Your success is our success. Let us help you begin your journey today- call (866) 586-3406.