Medical Detox: What it Is and Why You Need It

One of the main setbacks that stand in the way of addiction recovery is a fear of suffering through withdrawal symptoms- and for good reason. The threat of withdrawal is what drives many to continue seeking illicit drugs and alcohol long after the enjoyment has faded. Intense and potentially lethal symptoms include:

Once addiction has taken hold, it will do anything to keep its control. Beginning the process of freeing yourself requires the guidance and protection of a medically assisted detox program such as the one offered by Discovery Point Retreat.

Severe Muscular Pain

Fluctuating Body Heat (Hot and Cold Flashes)

Tremors / Shakiness

Intense Mood Swings

Delirium, Paranoia, and/or Anxiety

Abdominal Cramps



Medical detox allows you to sever the physical bonds of substance abuse without having to suffer through dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Under the careful 24-hour monitoring of our fully trained and professional medical team, we ensure you are comfortable and safe from harm as your body purges itself of the toxins associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Medical Detox at Discovery Point Retreat

The medical detox program at Discovery Point Retreat is personalized to help you complete the process as quickly and comfortably as possible. By utilizing the shortest,effective regimens of non-addictive medication, our detox program is guaranteed to last no longer than 7 days. During this time, our dedicated nursing staff will be available around the clock to monitor your health and protect you against any negative withdrawal side effects.

Our staff is also prepared to help you manage other pre-existing conditions to ensure your well-being during your stay at Discovery Point Retreat. This includes medication management, regular doctor visits, and education for helping you manage your health moving forward.

During your time in detox we also begin unearthing the underlying causes of addiction through group therapy sessions aimed at breaking the ice and opening up the necessary changes of recovery. We foster an environment of self-reflection, growth, and learning from the shared experiences of your peers. Addressing both the physical and mental ties to substance abuse simultaneously is the key to achieving long-term sobriety.

Transitioning into Rehab at Discovery Point Retreat

Once the medical detox program is complete, transitioning immediately into rehabilitative treatment is vital to preventing relapse and protecting your ongoing journey. Rather you complete detox with Discovery Point Retreat or elsewhere, our goal is to make that transitionary period as smooth as possible. We want the focus to remain on healing, and so we accept clients looking to continue treatment after completing an external detox program.

Transitioning to Discovery Point Retreat’s rehab program opens up doors to more extensive therapy treatment and other benefits of extending treatment. We delve further into the roots of addiction, replacing them with beneficial coping mechanisms and positive life skills training to build the foundation for a sober future. Our marriage of traditional and holistic treatment options blends into the perfect individualized program for you and your path of recovery.