30 Day Drug RehabIf you find yourself addicted to drugs such as meth, heroin, opioid pain pills, cocaine, or other physically and mentally addictive drugs, then accredited rehab programs can help to turn your life around. Discovery Point Retreat has all of the types of treatments that can help to break your addiction to a drug and step into a new, happy way of life. Through our 30-day drug rehab in Dallas, you can achieve long-term sobriety and leave the problems of substance abuse in the past.


Our drug addiction treatment services in Dallas, Texas, can help with every step of your recovery from addiction. Following an extensive intake process where your unique treatment needs are explored, you will partake in a medical detox if necessary and behavioral therapy such as contingency management, cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, motivational interviewing, and person-centered therapy.


Another important aspect of drug addiction treatment is a whole-patient approach. If, for example, we discover that you have an untreated mental disorder such as bipolar or PTSD, then we provide treatment programs to treat that condition alongside your addiction. All of the important factors that may be affecting your substance abuse will be explored in order to address all of your recovery needs.


Residential 30-Day Drug Rehab Near Me


Residential rehab is the most intensive form of treatment for addiction. At Discovery Point Retreat, our 30-day residential drug rehab in Dallas, TX, is an excellent starting point for your recovery. We understand that it takes a great deal of bravery to fight the disease of addiction by asking for help, and our staff strives to make your recovery as easy and painless as possible.


You likely know how intense withdrawal can be. Physical drug dependence can make stopping substance abuse difficult and even dangerous in some cases. However, in our 30-day rehab program in Dallas, you will have access to FDA- approved medications that drastically reduce symptoms. We also ensure your safe recovery during this time by providing you with around-the-clock medical supervision. Prior to medical conditions and your overall health status will be closely monitored.


Along with our medical detox program, you will receive extensive therapy during your stay in our rehab in Dallas, Texas. You will delve into all of the problematic areas in your life and behavior that may be directly or indirectly causing you to turn to drugs as a means of escape. We also aim to improve your motivation for positive change and providing you with the coping skills you need to effectively deal with life’s stressors.


How Much Does Rehab Cost in Dallas?


The cost of rehab is everchanging and is different depending on which facility you attend and/or services offered. To find out how much rehab cost please contact your healthcare provider or contact Discovery Point Retreat at 855.306.8054 and we will be happy to contact them for you. If you do not have health insurance we will be happy to set up a payment plan with you.


Does Insurance Cover Residential Rehab?


Comprehensive behavioral healthcare services are something that should be covered by health insurance plans. However, since health insurance coverage varies, seemingly monthly, it is important to contact your healthcare provider. You may also verify your insurance through us by filling out our online form or calling us at 855.306.8054.


What is the Difference Between Residential and Outpatient?


Effective addiction treatment can be given in two main ways: Residential or outpatient. A Residential program is one where you will be a resident at our facility. Every day with us will be spent on your healing and recovery. It is the most intensive form of drug addiction treatment and generally has greater success rates because there is no access to drugs and no outside influences to affect you while you establish your drug-free life.


We also provide two different outpatient programs which are Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), and Outpatient Program (IOP). The Intensive Outpatient Program, you will come to our facility for therapies and treatment for 8-10 hours a day and return home at night. However, Outpatient Program offers only 3-5 hours a day of therapies and treatment. In both programs, you set your own schedule or coordinate with a staff member. 


Sober-Friendly Attractions near Dallas 


Dallas, Texas, offers a wide range of activities and attractions to enjoy during your time in our 30-day treatment programs for drug abuse. Be active by taking a hike through the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve or stroll through Klyde Warren Park.


Dallas is also a center for arts and culture; from the Reunion Tower to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, there is a wealth of culturally significant attractions to visit while in our rehab programs at Discovery Point Retreat.


If you are dealing with the problems of addiction, then reach out for professional help. Discovery Point Retreat can be your gateway to a drug-free way of life. Call us today at 855.306.8054 to find out how we can help you or someone you care about.