Long-Term Drug Rehab (Catrina)As a disorder of the mind, addiction may leave one feeling trapped, hopeless, and unable to seek treatment due to fear of judgement or social repercussions. Addiction perpetuates itself, convincing one that life beyond the influence of drugs and alcohol is miserable and unbearable. However, no matter how long one has lived in active addiction, the type of substances involved, or underlying factors contributing to substance abuse, recovery is possible.

Seeking long-term drug rehab may be necessary for people living with addiction who have struggled to maintain sobriety before, or who have underlying mental health disorders. Under the guidance and support of a team of behavioral health specialists and clinicians, clients can achieve their recovery goals.

Because addiction is a disease that affects the mind and body, a dualistic approach to care is highly recommended. While the recovery process begins by addressing the physical aspects of addiction, failing to address the root causes of addiction leaves one vulnerable to relapse. This is especially true for dual diagnosis clients living with substance abuse and mental health disorders such as  depression and anxiety.

Feeling hesitant to begin the journey to recovery is perfectly normal, especially in the face of uncertainty. Understanding what long-term drug rehab entails can help soothe one’s fears and make achieving a sober future easier.

Is Detoxification Part of a Long-Term Drug Rehab Program?

Detox may be necessary for clients new to recovery who require help overcoming the physical bonds of addiction. Medically assisted detox helps ensure client comfort and safety throughout the withdrawal process. For those experiencing multi-substance abuse disorders, medically assisted detox can help to mitigate life-threatening withdrawal symptoms like delirium tremens, seizures, and major organ damage.

While most detox programs last between seven and ten days, a personalized regimen may vary depending on client need. Detox at Discovery Point Retreat includes 24 hour clinical supervision and medical support. Clients also begin addressing underlying causes of addiction through group dynamic therapy. Whether clients choose to continue the journey with us or make alternative arrangements, we provide continued support and care through access to our recovery resources and alumni support program.

Why Choose Long-Term Drug Rehab?

Long-term drug rehab may be recommended following an initial evaluation for a number of reasons. Dual diagnosis clients and those with a history of relapse may benefit for extended guidance and support to help navigate the challenges of early recovery. Longer term care allows for more direct treatment focused on relapse prevention and client empowerment for lasting sobriety.

At Discovery Point Retreat, the admissions process includes a comprehensive evaluation to determine clients’ specific needs for success in recovery. Our team develops a personalized plan from the very beginning, including both short term and long term care goals. As an accredited facility offering the full continuum of care, we are able to treat clients at any stage of the recovery process, from detox through outpatient levels of care. This dedication to our clients’ success is especially evident in our long-term drug rehab programs.

Addiction recovery is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why Discovery Point Retreat takes the time to get to know each client and tailor the treatment process to suit their needs. Because our clients truly become part of our family, we only provide the best in evidence-based therapy options and supplemental care services. Our commitment to care extends well beyond completion of treatment through alumni support and aftercare resources for all.

Long-term drug rehab at Discovery Point Retreat is an opportunity to provide one’s self with the best possible beginning for a healthy, sober future. Clients are able to identify and address underlying causes of substance abuse while also gaining the necessary life skills and coping mechanisms necessary for long-term sobriety. This includes emotional processing and anger management, communication skills, and mindfulness for relapse prevention. Extended care helps ensure clients are prepared for the next stage of recovery and sober living.

Whether you’ve walked this path before or its your first time seeking help for an addiction, Discovery Point Retreat is here to serve you. Call us now to discover a new you through recovery.

Is It Important to Seek Drug Rehab After Detoxification?

As mentioned previously, addiction is a disease that affects the body and mind. Detox alone is not enough to achieve lasting sobriety. As a maladaptive coping mechanism, the roots of addiction are often in past traumas or mental health conditions. Without addressing these psychological factors, one is more likely to experience relapse with potentially fatal consequences. Recovery isn’t about feeling better in the moment; it is a total life transformation geared towards changing one’s path for a brighter, better future.

Inpatient residential rehab is an integral part of the recovery process for many people. Where detox is typically only seven to ten days, this isn’t enough time to truly overcome a drug and alcohol abuse disorder. Inpatient care provides continued support and guidance in addressing the root causes of addiction in a safe, recovery-focused environment. By removing external temptations and negative influences, inpatient care helps clients focus on the internal transformation of sobriety.

Certain circumstances may exist which make inpatient treatment unsuitable. Obligations and responsibilities at home or work which cannot be deferred during residential care should not stand in the way of life-affirming addiction care. Long-term drug rehab options like outpatient programs and telehealth services can help to mitigate these barriers to addiction treatment.

Outpatient levels of care are traditionally used as aftercare following inpatient rehabilitation, but may be viable for clients at any stage of the recovery process. Through this alternative to residential rehab allows one to get the support and guidance necessary for success in sobriety while continuing to tend to life’s obligations.

At Discovery Point Retreat, we use an integrated approach to individualized long-term drug rehab. Because our core focus is enacting lasting change, we supplement evidence-based, trauma-informed therapy modalities with holistic care for a comprehensive treatment experience.

Long-Term Drug Rehab Treatment Options

As previously mentioned, long-term drug rehab encompasses a variety of treatment options. Finding the right path to suit one’s needs is vital for lasting sobriety, especially for those in early recovery. Entering a program ill-equipped to address one’s specific concerns can be disheartening, discouraging, and ultimately cause setbacks rather than progress. Understanding what treatment options are available and what they entail is key to making the right decision for a sober future.

Residential Inpatient Programs

The most commonly recognized form of drug rehab is residential inpatient treatment. While this often conjures images of hospital wards and isolations, residential treatment itself varies greatly.

Residential inpatient rehab is a 24 hour treatment program. Clients live in a privately enclosed housing facility, eliminating external distractions and temptations and allowing for greater focus on the healing process. During this time, group and individual therapy sessions provide a safe, judgement-free space for discussing common challenges in recovery and deeper rooted traumas. Residential inpatient long-term drug rehab may also include additional programs and resources for total life improvement.

Discovery Point Retreat offers residential inpatient treatment at both our Ennis and Waxahachie locations. Featuring two-story ranch style homes and amenities for entertainment and community empowerment, these programs provide a more real world approach to recovery. By keeping treatment in a home-like environment, we make it easier to employ new life skills and coping mechanisms in real life circumstances.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Partial hospitalization programs provide the comprehensive, direct care of an inpatient program without the restriction of 24 hour care. Clients in this level of treatment attend an average of eight hours of therapy per day, but are allowed to return home each evening. This option requires a safe home environment that is conducive to sober living, including the support of a family member or peer to help one stay on track. For clients whose home environment does not fit these needs, a sober living community may be a better option.

Partial hospitalization as part of long-term drug rehab at Discovery Point Retreat helps provide the support and guidance necessary for navigating early recovery. With a continued focus on client empowerment and relapse prevention, this treatment option helps to solidify one’s commitment to lasting sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Programs offer a perfect balance between the thorough, client-centered care of inpatient treatment and the freedom of everyday life. While specific schedules and frequency of care may vary by client, these programs offer flexibility through day and evening therapy options.

Discovery Point Retreat offers all levels of outpatient care at our conveniently located Dallas location. Our intensive outpatient program is flexible enough to allow clients to continue working, attending classes, and fulfilling other responsibilities.

Outpatient Programs (OP)

Outpatient long-term drug rehab is the least intensive form of non-residential treatment. This level of care is ideal for clients who are further along in their recovery journey but may benefit from weekly support and check-ins. Outpatient treatments may include 12-step programs, therapy, medication management and other options that help maintain sobriety as a priority.

Discovery Point Retreat outpatient rehab is designed to fit any schedule. With easy access to our downtown Dallas location through public transit and transportation assistance, we make it easy to stay on track.

Don’t let addiction control your life for another day. Discovery Point Retreat is here to provide the help you need for a healthier, happier future. Call us now!