Discover a New You Through Recovery is an addiction and recovery podcast. Through a series of interviews with clinicians and addiction experts, our podcast tells the story of what addiction really looks like and what makes recovery truly possible.

We discuss everything you need to know about the nature of addiction, how to identify if it is time to seek treatment, combating common misinformation, what treatment means, what it feels like, and how to get it.

The podcast is hosted and founded by Outreach Coordinator at Niznik Health, Noelle Carmen, and Clinical Director for Discovery Point Retreat, Greg Powers. Expect a new episode once a week.


Episode List

About Noelle Carmen

Noelle Carmen is an Outreach Coordinator and Nationally Certified Intervention Professional with Niznik Behavioral Health and Discovery Point Retreat. Carmen’s goal is to help start the conversation and challenge stigmas surrounding addiction, mental illness, and the recovery process.

Carmen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and pre-medicine. As an Outreach Coordinator, Noelle is passionate about bridging the gap between those in need and the addiction treatment necessary for a healthier, happier life in recovery.


About Greg Powers

Greg Powers serves as the Clinical Director for Discovery Point Retreat. Greg holds dual bachelor’s degrees in sociology and criminal justice from the University of Texas and completed his education with a Master’s Degree in social work from Tulane University in New Orleans. Powers specializes in the treatment of substance abuse, grief, loss, and trauma.

Powers is certified in eye movement and desensitization processing (EMDR), trauma response, and crisis interventions. Powers started his career as a medical social worker. In this role, Powers worked in a variety of specialties ranging from transplant surgeon, cardiology, and neonatal intensive care.

Powers returned to Texas and began working in the mental health field working with adults and adolescents.

Throughout his career Powers has held positions of leadership in both for-profit and non-profit facilities, has served on the Board of Directors for different agencies, and continues to be active in the field of academics. Along with his position at Discovery Point Retreat, Greg continues to work as a consultant, has a private practice, and is a certified clinical supervisor in the field of social work.