woman smiles outside among the trees enjoying the benefits of her 12 step programDiscovery Point Retreat combines evidence-based practices like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or EMDR with spiritual elements shown to help others achieve long-term recovery. A 12 step program is one such spiritual pathway, drawing upon your connection with your higher power for self-forgiveness and love. Through the 12 steps, you forge a path into wellness. You also gain reliable tools for helping yourself maintain your recovery in the future.

For decades, the 12 step program has helped millions of people achieve strong sobriety. The program’s methods include surrendering guilt and blame for your past behaviors and shortcomings. It also involves taking responsibility for your future and aspects of your life you can control. Through your 12 step program in Dallas, TX, you learn how to create a happier, healthier life with greater meaning and purpose.

What is a 12 Step Program?

A 12 step program is a support group that uses group dynamics mixed with self-guided improvement. In your 12 step program in Dallas, TX, you learn to stay clean and sober while admitting your past mistakes and surrendering to a higher power.

Since the 1930s, the 12 step program has enlightened generations of people seeking recovery. Combined with modern therapies, this program offers structure, support, and guidance that works for you well beyond rehab and in every community in the country. Because 12 step program participation is free, you never worry about sacrificing support because of the financial cost.

In your 12 step meetings, you join other men and women who share a similar past. Together, you learn and grow. Meetings include sharing personal experiences, hope, and strength. You also build a circle of support around yourself that everyone needs from time to time.

How a 12 Step Program in Dallas, TX Works

Your 12 step program in Dallas, TX involves learning and accepting the group’s guiding principles, called the 12 steps. These steps form a pathway into recovery, helping you learn about your past and needs for the future. You also learn how your substance abuse affects others around you. You can make amends for the damage and hurt you caused others.

As you progress through the 12 steps in your treatment, you learn how to avoid compromising your sobriety. You also learn to live a fuller and more productive sober life by coping with your problems in healthy ways and avoiding triggers. You admit you have no power over your addiction, learn about your past mistakes, and ask for forgiveness from people you wronged. In 12 step meetings, you bond with peers, provide support for others, and learn how to enrich your life.

The overall goal of your 12 step program in Dallas, TX is experiencing greater personal strength under your connection to your higher power. Through this connection and by applying 12 step principles to your life, you experience a spiritual awakening.

You take part in a 12 step support group in rehab treatment at Discovery Point Retreat in Waxahachie, Texas. At the same time as you learn the 12 steps and how to apply these principles to your life, you receive individual counseling and other therapies.

How the 12 Steps Enrich Your Treatment and Future

In the 12 steps, you start taking accountability for your past, present and future actions. You do this by learning how what you do and how you live affects others. This is not an acceptance of blame for your past. It’s the desire to grow beyond the problems of substance abuse for a better future. During active substance abuse, you rarely thought beyond your own wants or unhealthy needs, such as for your next high. The 12 steps bring you back to a greater awareness of reality and the importance of working toward a better lifestyle.

The 12 steps work very well with other therapy methods and programs. These programs and therapies at Discovery Point Retreat include:

Through a combined approach of the 12 steps and evidence-based therapies, you build a solid foundation for your future at Discovery Point Retreat in Waxahachie, TX. Talk to the supportive counselors at Discovery Point Retreat now by calling [Direct]. Learn more about the 12 step program and other methods used to help you build a better future.