a group therapy program sessionA group therapy program is a core aspect of many rehabilitation programs. Social support is one of the most crucial factors that influence a person’s recovery success, and we want to provide you with a sense of community while you’re with us.

When you participate in a group therapy program in Dallas, TX, you can find camaraderie among people who are also in recovery. You may come in contact with people who have been sober for much longer than you, invoking hope about your own ability to stay strong and overcome addiction.

At Discovery Peak, we value individuality within the community. By creating a safe space for our guests, we allow them to build trust with others while sharing their stories. The companionship of having someone who understands your struggles will help you as you progress through your individual treatment.

From our substance abuse staff to fellow clients, we’re all in this together.

What Is a Group Therapy Program?

In both inpatient and outpatient treatment, a group therapy program plays a large role in recovery. Group therapy may seem like one of the least desirable aspects of treatment to some people; sharing your story and most painful experiences with total strangers is nerve-wracking and uncomfortable. If you struggle with anxiety, the prospect of actively discussing your addiction in group therapy can be even more fear-inducing.

We strive to cultivate a safe, affirming space for all of our clients. We will not judge you, and as others support you, we hope you will feel comfortable enough to return that support. Sharing our stories gives us the ability to find strength in vulnerability and transparency.

We offer several different approaches to treatment in our group therapy program. We incorporate elements of cognitive-behavioral therapy for substance abuse, a 12-step program popularized by Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous, and a variety of team-building exercises through recreational therapy.

Benefits of a Group Therapy Program

In a group therapy program, you gain a valuable opportunity to find social support and validation that you may not have in the real world. Addiction often drives a wedge between friends and family, and the feelings of isolation often cause substance abuse to worsen. Recovery is an individual choice and commitment, but you should not go through it alone.

One of the greatest benefits you’ll experience from a group therapy program is the healing power of trust. Opening your heart up to others is scary, but it’s one of the most fundamental skills you’ll develop and take with you after treatment.

Additional benefits of group therapy you can look forward to include:

  • Learning how to express difficult emotions in a healthy way
  • Building self-confidence in your unique voice and insight
  • Discovering how to appreciate others for their differences
  • Identifying your strengths
  • Finding inspiration to keep moving forward along your journey

Group Therapy Program at Discovery Point

A group therapy program is the principal form of treatment in our intensive outpatient program in Dallas, Texas. IOP addiction treatment works just as well as residential therapy, but it gives you the comfort of returning to your own home each night.

We believe that an intensive outpatient program can benefit clients by allowing them to actively integrate the skills they’re learning into their lives. Traditional inpatient treatment can create a barrier between your life and treatment; by receiving help as you recover, you can make healthy changes immediately while gaining valuable resources, support and therapy.

Some of the topics we address in our outpatient therapy program are:

  • Mandatory daily meetings to build accountability and trust
  • Individual substance abuse counseling to heal from trauma and manage mental illness
  • Life skills training
  • Future-mapping
  • Case management assistance

Get Help for Your Substance Abuse Today 

Recovery may be a lifelong journey, but treatment through a group therapy program is only a phone call away. If you’re hesitant, understand that this is normal. You do not have to wait until you are fearless to make a change. We accept fear as a natural part of the healing process; after all, it’s difficult to change without worrying about what you might lose. But consider this: The only thing scarier than an uncertain future is an unchanging present.

How long have you been struggling with substance abuse? And how long do you want to continue? Imagine yourself a year from now, after treatment, trusting others, providing for yourself and living life with the confidence to face your challenges head-on. It’s not just a fantasy.

You do not have to spend another moment struggling, wondering “what if?” and fearing the future. Call Discovery Point Dallas at [Direct] to begin your sobriety journey.