Drug & Alcohol Treatment CenterAn addiction can be an isolating and harrowing experience. Even with a desire to stop, you may not be able to stop using alcohol or drugs as cravings and stressors trigger more substance abuse. However, through the accredited treatment programs at Discover Point Retreat in Dallas, TX, you can gain the benefit of evidence-based therapy and a holistic approach to recovery that can help you to overcome the disease of addiction for good.


Rehabs can differ greatly from one facility to the next, but at Discovery Point Retreat in Dallas, you can become a part of a sober community that is led by compassionate and highly qualified healthcare professionals that together make healing from addiction possible. Addiction can be beaten.


At our Dallas rehab facility, you will be exposed to some of the most effective forms of therapy and treatment for addiction. While an addiction may be a difficult condition to deal with alone, through the help of our services and the support you receive during recovery, you will be motivated to make lasting changes in the way that you think, react to triggers, and overcome long-standing psychological problems that you may have.


The experience at our fully accredited rehab in Dallas is one of compassion, understanding, and professional support. You will feel welcomed by our staff and we will help you to make the changes that are needed in your particular addiction case.

What to Expect at a Dallas Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center

At Discovery Point Retreat, you can expect to receive some of the best treatment services that are proven to be effective at beating addiction. Whether you find yourself unable to stop abusing alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, prescription opioids, or any other commonly abused substance, we can help you to break the destructive cycle of substance abuse.


At first, you can expect to sit with our healthcare professionals in order to assess the extent of your problem, the possibility of co-occurring mental disorders, family dynamics, prior medical concerns, and any other factor that may be contributing to your current substance addiction.


Once we have determined the best way to treat you, then treatment can begin. In most cases, you can expect to start your recovery in our medical detox programs. Through this program, the overwhelming and sometimes dangerous symptoms of withdrawal that usually set in within hours of your last drink or drug dose can be dealt with. The aim of a medical detox program is to help you by reducing the symptoms you feel, ensuring that your physical health is kept within safe parameters, and even shortening the length of your detoxifications.


After detox, you can expect to take part in the many holistic and therapeutic services that we offer. Our whole-patient approach to treatment ensures that you all of the factors and aspects of your addiction are treated, including factors that are indirectly leading you to substance abuse, such as family issues and treating mental problems such as PTSD professionally.


How Long Does Rehab Last? 

The length of the treatment that you receive at our rehab in Dallas, Texas, should be at least three months. A three-month recovery period is the suggested treatment length according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. However, this does not mean that you have to spend three months in a single program, but rather achieve the 90 days of treatment through various programs.


We can provide you with 30-, 60, and 90-day rehab programs in both a residential and outpatient setting. The goal is to be able to match your treatment needs with our range of treatment services. Rehab may take more than three months if it is deemed necessary to prevent relapse. It may also be shorter than 90 days depending on how well treatment goes.


What Does the Average Day Look Like While in Rehab? 

If you decide, under the advice of our practitioners, to stay at our  residential facility in Dallas, then you can expect your days to start by waking up in your private room, getting ready, and then going to breakfast. After a delicious meal prepared by our in-house chefs, you will then partake in what your personalized treatment plan that will involve a combination of holistic healing programs and behavioral therapy.


What you do on a given day may change based on the treatment programs in your personalized treatment plan, but every day is structured to get the most out of your healing experience. By the end of the day after a tasty meal, you will then retire in your room, collect your thoughts from the day’s activities, and get a good night’s rest.


What Type of Therapy Happens at Rehab?

Behavioral therapy is a cornerstone of addiction rehabilitation. It is a required part of any effective addiction treatment model. We incorporate the best evidence-based therapies into your treatment plan, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, multimodal therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and rational emotive behavior therapy.


Along with these therapies, we also provide you with cutting-edge therapies such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), which can help you to overcome emotional difficulties through a revolutionary technique.


One-On-One Therapy

Individual or one-on-one therapy is a method that we use at Discovery Point Retreat to help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction. It provides a safe space where traumatic experiences can be worked through, and it allows for the type of individualized care that can help you to make lasting changes in your life.


Group Therapy 

Group therapy has several uses in addiction recovery. It allows you to receive treatment with other people in similar situations. This shared treatment experience can help through the shared-peer experiences that you and other recovering people have, allowing you to learn from your peers and even bolstering your own recovery by sharing your experiences. These sessions are handled and run by one or more of our healthcare professionals.


Sober-Friendly Attractions near Dallas

During your time with us, there are several popular attractions in Dallas, TX, that you can enjoy during rehab outings and with your family or friends when they visit. You can be a spectator at one of the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Mavericks, or FC Dallas games. Or enjoy a walk through the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. Some of the top-rated restaurants in Dallas include Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Café 43, and Kenny’s Woof Fired Grill.


Addiction is a treatable disease. Call Discovery Point Retreat today at 855.306.8054 to gain access to our accredited treatment services to overcome your addiction and rediscover a happy, drug- and alcohol-free way of life.